Five College Consortium

Film Studies at the Five Colleges

2011 Festival Awards

Following are the winners of the 2011 Five College Film Festival. Click on links to view video clips.

I Am Alone: Best of Amherst College; Best Dance on Camera
Rachel Bass, Amherst College
Through dance, a student explores his hopes, attempts, and failures to associate with various social, political, and racial memberships.

For Michael: Best of Hampshire College 
Daniel Peck, Hampshire College
A portrait of a young factory worker.

Terrible Storm: Best of Mount Holyoke College
Allison Cole, Mount Holyoke College
A meditation on intolerance and reckoning.



Sibling Revelries: Best of Smith College; Best Documentary

Sally Stulberg, Smith College
A 12-minute portrait of the filmmaker's unique relationship with her quadriplegic older brother, which portrays how Sally, an able-bodied college senior, and Joey, a bright young man who gets around in a head-controlled wheelchair and communicates with a talking computer, forge a loving, mischievous partnership.

The Lifetime Adventures of Daniel Ferberger: Best of UMass Amherst
Ben Leonberg, UMass Amherst

Don't Push Me: Best Animation
Jacob Mazonson, Hampshire College
Chaos ensues when a little boy becomes obsessed with a restaurant's novelty act.

Ue O Muite (I Look Up): Best Experimental
Mel Mel Mooring, Hampshire College
A representation of the filmmaker's experience during and after the death of four family members based on the Kubler Röss model of grief.

Muscles Men: Best Graduate Student Film
Jeffrey Stingerstein, Smith College
A video exploring the societal pressures on male body image.

Things She Likes: Best Narrative, Best of Festival
Tian Ni, Hampshire College
"Welcome to My World."