Five College Consortium

Personnel Records

A confidential file shall be maintained on each employee and will include, but not be limited to, the following:


Ÿ  Employment application or resume

Ÿ  Letters of reference

Ÿ  Correspondence or agreements regarding the terms of employment

Ÿ  Copies of performance evaluations

Ÿ  Records of attendance, vacations, sick leave, authorized absences, etc.

Ÿ  Authorization for pay increases or decreases

Ÿ  Copies of all correspondence or other records relating to an employee’s qualification for employment, promotion, dismissals, transfer, resignation, additional compensation, or disciplinary action.


Personnel files are accessible only to the employee, Treasurer, Executive Director and designated Business Office staff. Employees can submit a written statement if they disagree with anything in their personnel file.  Employees are entitled to review their files during normal business hours, and  upon written request to obtain a copy of the record.