Five College Consortium


            Five Colleges, Incorporated, grievance policy is intended to address staff complaints not related to sexual harassment. The grievance procedure is available to all regular full-time and regular part-time employees who have completed at least six (6) months of work at Five Colleges, Incorporated. A staff member's complaint or problem is addressed using a step-by-step process in order to resolve the matter in an orderly and effective manner.  Outside third parties including, but not limited to, legal representatives are not allowed to participate in the grievance procedure.


Step I

The employee is expected to bring problems to the attention of his/her supervisor, prior to initiating a formal grievance procedure and attempt to resolve the problem at that level.


Step 2

If the oral exchange does not resolve the matter, the staff member may submit a written grievance to his/her supervisor who will respond within three (3) working days.


Step 3

If the response is unsatisfactory, the employee may notify the Executive Director within seven (7) days. The Executive Director will make a  written or oral decision, in the Executive Director’s sole discretion, upon notification of the grievance statement within five (5) working days.


Step 4

If the decision of the Executive Director remains unsatisfactory, the matter may be referred to the Grievance Committee within ten (10) working days, where it will be reviewed, and a written decision will be given within thirty working days. This decision will be final and binding.


            The Grievance Committee will consist of two (2) Board Members appointed by the President, one (1) outside person appointed by the Executive Director and one (1) person selected by the employee filing the grievance. The Board President will name the Grievance Committee Chair. Five Colleges, Incorporated reserves the discretion to modify or change any of the above timelines in its sole discretion.