FCI Performance Evaluations

The performance review process is an opportunity for employees and their supervisors to have an open dialogue about the employee’s performance for the past year and to set goals for the coming year. Working together, supervisors and employees can clarify expectations for one another to keep the mutual work environment productive and effective. Discussions should be ongoing throughout the year and is an opportunity to create a supportive partnership between manager and team.

The current Annual Performance Review Cycle:   April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019

 Important dates for the Annual Performance Review cycle

 By September 30, 2018         Supervisors should meet with employees to establish goals

 By January 31, 2019              Supervisors should meet with employees to conduct mid-cycle check-in  

 By March 15, 2019                 Supervisors should request self-evaluations from all employees

 April 1- 15, 2019                    Supervisors should meet with employees and conduct performance reviews

 By April 19, 2019                   Supervisors should submit their written and signed reviews

Forms and Resources
  Fall:  Goal Setting
    Goal Setting Form
    Goal Setting Presentation

  Winter:  Mid-Cycle Check-in
    Mid Cycle Form

  Spring:  Performance Evaluation
    Self-Evaluation Form
    Annual Performance Evaluation Form
    Stakeholder Form

  Orientation Period Evaluation Form
    Orientation Period Evaluation Form