How to activate your user account for the Five College website

Why would I need to activate my user account?

You are a person who will be making changes to areas of this website or who will be viewing areas of this website that require special access. "This website" is everything contained within the domain

How do I activate my account?

To activate a user account, you must first have an official network account with one of the Five Colleges, and Five Colleges, Incorporated must have first been notified of your needs to edit or view areas of this website. 

Follow these steps to activate your Five College website user account:

  1. Click on the words "Log in" at the top right of this page (or any page on this website).

  2. On the next screen, choose your home campus name from the pulldown menu and click "Select."

  3. After that, you will be taken to the network login form of the campus you chose in step 2. Log into this form as you normally would, using your campus user ID and password. If you need help with this step, please contact your campus IT department.
  4. Once you log in, you will be transferred back to the Five College website. (From now on, to log into the site, follow the same, basic instructions.) 

    Note: If everything worked correctly it should appear at this point that you are logged in ("Hello [your username]" appears at the top right of the screen and the words "Log in" have changed to "Log out").


    However, (assuming you are a new user) you will not yet be able to make changes to any content on the website and/or view areas of the website requiring special access. Editing and/or viewing privileges will need to be assigned by Five Colleges, Incorporated or Program site owners to the areas of the site that are designated for you.

  5. Click on "Log out" until further notice that your account has been assigned to related areas of the website.