How do I add images, posted as File uploads, into the Editor tool?

  1. Click into an area of the editing window where you want the image to appear.
  2. Click the "Add media" icon.  
  3. A window will appear that allows you to find your File uploads page in the Five College website tree structure. Click the File uploads page name and folder on the left and then click on the image from the list on the right that you want to add. If you have added many File uploads to your site, you may have several pages to look through to find the desired item. In the example below, the Koala.jpg image is selected.


  4. On the next screen, choose formatting to apply to your image.

    • The Title field will show the name of your file before its extension abbreviation. This title will not appear in your content. 
    • Keep the Alternative text field blank. 
    • Choose from a list of sizes under the Style pulldown menu. Preview each size by clicking on its name in the Style pulldown menu; a WYSIWYG sample will appear on the right or bottom of this form. The name of the size you want to use should be showing once you've made your selection.
    • You can select any, several, all or none of the checkbox choices beneath Styles.
    • When you're all done choosing image formatting, Click the Insert button. You can also click the Back button to look for another image or Close window to return to the Editor tool.