Five College International Relations Program


Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Five College International Relations Certificate.

1. What happens once I complete the requirements for the certificate and return the form to my adviser?

Your adviser verifies your second semester senior grades and sends the form along to Linda Chesky Fernandes who is the administrative assistant for the Program. They are kept in a file until the grades are verified by the Registrar’s Office at the appropriate institution. (This usually takes place during the week of senior grades.) Certificates are issued once the final grades have been verified. They are usually mailed near graduation at which time the Registrar’s Office is notified and a notation is made on the student’s transcript. If senior grades are not submitted on time, we will process the certificate at the beginning of the fall semester.

2. How flexible is the language requirement?

To satisfy the language requirement for the Certificate you must take courses that bring you to an intermediate level in that language. The main purpose is to allow you to do primary research in a particular language. Some flexibility exists depending upon the language you choose to study. More difficult languages (Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.) are more flexible regarding what courses you need to complete. Check with your campus adviser to clarify what courses you need to take in order to satisfy the requirement. If you are not a native English language speaker and fluent in that other language, you have satisfied the requirement.

3. Can I count courses that I took abroad?

Yes you can. You should check with your adviser prior to taking the courses to be sure that they can satisfy a certain requirement. Credit is granted once the course work has been completed.

4. Can I count AP credits?

You may count AP credits as long as you received College credit for the work, i.e., the registrar counts them toward your graduation credit requirement. You may NOT use AP credits if they were only granted to allow you access to an upper level course.

5. Who can I speak to if I still have questions?

There are Five College Certificate advisors on each of the five campuses. Professor Jon Western is the chair of the Five College International Relations Program and Linda Chesky Fernandes is the administrator of the Program. Feel free to contact either of them if you have further questions.