Requirement 2

Global institutions or problems, such as international law, transnational organizations, development, the history of imperialism, arms control and disarmament, the origins of war, diminishing resources, international threats to the environment, hunger and conduct of diplomacy.


  • Amherst College
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  • Hampshire College
CS 189Digital Divide
CS/SS 299Language, Culture, and Meaning
HACU 118Russia: Film and Literature on Revolution
HACU/SS 246History, Economy and Culture of Tourism
HACU 236Theorizing Multiculturalism
HACU 263Marx and Marxisms
HACU/IA 281Blacks and Russia
HACU 283Engendering Imperialism: The British Empire in the 19th Century
NS 108Marine and Freshwater Ecology and Conservation
NS 136Natural Disasters
NS 150Agriculture, Ecology and Society
NS 179Local and Global Climate Change
NS 195Pollution and Our Environment
NS 207Ecology
NS 253Food, Nutrition and Health
NS 294Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming
NS 353Seminar in Conservation Ecology
SS 115Political Justice
SS 119Third World, Second Sex: Does Economic Development Enrich or Impoverish Women's Lives?
SS 123Tourism: Beyond Sand, Sea, Sun and Sex
SS 126Social Movements and Social Change
SS 133People of the Americas
SS 141Third World Development: Grassroots Perspectives
SS 151Cultural and Religious Contexts of Environmentalism
SS 156Culture and Imperialism
SS 181Culture, Identity and Belonging
SS 189The Making of Modern Society
SS 212Postwar America
SS 253Global and Local Discourses of Human Rights
SS 282Contemporary Social Theory: Modernity and Its Fate
SS 290Postmodernity and Politics
SS 298Contmeporary International Conflict: Casues, Characteristics, Prevention
SS310A Post-Industrial Economy/ Post-Modern Society?


  • Mount Holyoke College
Anthropology 105Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 238Political Anthropology
Anthropology 226The Anthropology of International Development
Biological Sciences 213Ecology and Evolution
Biological Sciences 331Ecology Seminar
Economics 100Introduction to Comparative Macroeconomics
Economics 100Global Economy
Economics 203Environmental Economics
Economics 213Economic Development
Economics 216International Trade
Economics 217International Finance
Economics 312Seminar in International Trade
Economics 313Seminar in International Finance
Economics 314Economic Development in the Age of Globalization
Economics 321Comparative Economic Systems
Economics 340Comparative Economic Performance of the G-7
English 251Literature of the Black Empire
Environmental Studies 100Introduction to Environmental Studies
Geography 105World Regional Geography
Geography 204Human Dimensions of Environmental Change
Geography 206Political Geography
Geography 209Women and the Environment
Geology 240Geological Resources and the Environment
Geology 326Seminar: Global Change
History 101 (02).The War to End All Wars: 1914-1918
History 161Imperialism: Burdens, Benefits, and the British Empire
History 256Interpreting Nature: Environmental Thinking in Europe from the 17th Century to the Present
History 260Antisemitism
History 283The United States Since 1945
History 365Modern Europe: The Twentieth Century: Peacemaking
International Relations 225Resource Scarcities, Global Environmental Perils, and World Politics
International Relations 311Problems of International Peace and Security
International Relations 333Just War and Jihad: Comparative Ethics of War and Peace
International Relations 365Ethics and International Relations
International Relations 385International Security
Jewish Studies 245The Quest for Meaning After the Holocaust
Politics 106Comparative Politics
Politics 221Marx and Marxism
Politics 247International Law
Politics 256The International Protection of the Environment
Politics 333Cultural Politics
Politics 345Memories of Overdevelopment
Politics 349International Organization
Politics 379Europe and the European Union
Politics 380The Politics of Ethnic Conflict
Politics 385International Security
Russian and Eurasian Studies 330Nationalism
Russian and Eurasian Studies 331The Impacts of War: The Russian Case
Russian and Eurasian Studies 350Revolutions
Sociology 240Collective Behavior and Social Movements
Theatre 253Histories of the World Theatres III
Gender Studies 250Gender and Power in the Global Context
Gender Studies 300Buddhism, Feminism, and Ecology


  • Smith College
Anthropology 232Third World Politics: Anthropological Perspectives
Anthropology 236Economy, Ecology and Society
Anthropology 241Development Anthropology
Anthropology 243Colloquium in Political Ecology
Anthropology 340The Politics of Development: Autonomy and Resistance in the 3rd World
Anthropology 341Sacred Power as Secular Politics: Ideology, Legitimacy and Action
Anthropology 342The Virtualized Village--Africa in a Globalizing World
Anthropology 343Travel, Tourism and Culture
Anthropology 348When Nomads Settle: Social, Health and Demographic Consequences
Anthropology 348Population, Environment and Development
Art History 288The New Internationalism
Art History 304Confronting Culture: New Worlds/Old Worlds
Biological Sciences 260Principles of Ecology
Biological Sciences 300Seminar in Enviornmental Science
Biological Sciences 303Public Policy for Marine and Coastal Resources
Classics 150The Trojan War
Economics 202The Political Economy of World Geography
Economics 205International Trade and Commercial Policy
Economics 206International Finance
Economics 208European Economic Development
Economics 209Comparative Economic Systems
Economics 211Economic Development
Economics 213The World Food System
Economics 224Environmental Economics
Economics 305International Trade and Commercial Policy
Economics 306International Financial Markets
English 118Diversity, Community and the Complexities of Difference
English 118Conflicts and Connections
English 120Race, Empire and English Literature
English 266Postcolonial Literature
Environmental Science 300Seminar in Environmental Science and Policy
First Year SeminarSocial Identity and Race
Geology 109The Environment
Government 231Government and Plural Societies
Government 233Problems in Political Development
Government 243International Law
Government 246Contemporary International Conflict: Causes, Characteristics, Prevention
Government 251Problems of International Security
Government 254Politics of the Global Environment
Government 341Seminar in International Politics: National Security After the Cold War
Government 343The Cold War Revisited
Government 347Seminar in International Politics: The Political Economy of Oil
Public Policy 260Global Change: Scientific Basis and Policy Challenges of Ozone Depletion and the Greenhouse Effect
Sociology 216Social Movements
Sociology 323Gender and Social Change
Women's Studies 300Queer Resistance: Identitites, Communities and Social Movements
Women's Studies 350

Gender, Culture and Representation

  • University of Massachusetts
Aerospace Studies 441National Security Forces I
Aerospace Studies 442National Security Forces II
Afro-American Studies 361Revolution in the Third Word
Anthropology 100Human Nature
Anthropology 104Culture Society and People
Anthropology 106Culture Through Film
Anthropology 205Inequality and Oppression
Anthropology 208Human Ecology
Anthropology 234Art in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Anthropology 235Ethnomusicology
Anthropology 270North American Indians
Anthropology 336Political Anthropology
Anthropology 352Rural and Peasant Society
Anthropology 370Contemporary Issues: North American Indians
Anthropology 438Anthropology of Law and Conflict
Anthropology 520Economic Anthropology I
Biology 276Human Ecology
Communication 121Introduction to Media and Culture
Communication 226Social Impact of Mass Media
Communication 312Cultural Codes in Communication
Communication 491World Mass Media
Communication 491International Media Effects
Economics 177Comparison of the US and Japanese Economies
Economics 308Political Economy of the Environment
Economics 321International Monetary Theory
Economics 371Comparative Economic Systems
Economics 373Socialist Economics
Environmental Sciences 213Introduction to Environmental Policy
Environmental Sciences 397Ecology
Geography 100Global Environmental Change
Geography 354Climatology
Geography 360Economic Geography
Geography 364Development
Geography 420The Human Impact on the Natural Environment
Geography 466Rural Development and Change
Geography 530Population and Environment
History 170Indian Peoples of North America
History 181Western Science and Technology II: From the Enlightenment to the Cold War
History 325Military History of Modern Europe: The First World War
History 386A Survey of World War II
History 387The Jewish Holocaust, 1933-45
History 397Islamic Revolutionary Movements
History 397National Liberation Struggles
History 402HUS and East Asia Relations
History 433US Science and Technology II: From Edison to the Bomb
History 492HDevelopment of Modern Warfare
History 493AColonial Africa
History 493HIntellectual Origins of Colonialism
Journalism 490Press and National Security
Journalism 491International Reporting
Journalism 492Covering Revolutions
Journalism 493International Reporting
Journalism 497Special Topics: Western Press Coverage of China
Judaic Studies 195AAnti-Semitism and Racism in Western Civilization
Judaic Studies 365Anti-Semitism in Historical Perspective
Judaic Studies 390BWorld Jewry Since 1945
Geography 155Introduction to Human Geography
Geography 360Economic Geography
Geography 365Underdevelopment
Geography 458Climatic Change
German 375Hitler's Myth of a Thousand-Year Reich
Legal Studies 397Human Rights and Wrongs
Legal Studies 397International Law and Globalization
Legal Studies 460Legalization of American Indians
Legal Studies 470Indigenous Peoples--Global Issues
Legal Stuies 491The Role of Law in Comparative Perspectives
Military Science 113Introduction to the National Defense System
Natural Resource Studies 190AGlobal Conservation: Race to Save the Planet
Political Science 111Comparative Politics
Political Science 253International Environmental Politics and Policies
Political Science 351International Security Policy
Political Science 353Representations of War and Peace
Political Science 356International Law
Political Science 357International Organization
Political Science 385Comparative Public Policy
Political Science 397AHumanitarian Intervention
Political Science 397BPolitics of Spaceship Earth
Political Science 397CInternational Security Policy
Political Science 478Politics in the Total State
Resource Economics 121World Food: Opportunities and Constraints
Resource Economics 262Environmental Economics
Sociology 106Race, Gender, Class, and Ethnicity
Sociology 109Population and Environment
Sociology 261Population Studies
Sociology 297Sociology of Revolutions
Sociology 320Work and Society: Cross-National Comparisons
Sociology 325Political Sociology
Sociology 327Social Change
Sociology 329Social Change in China
Women's Studies 301Theorizing Women's Issues
Women's Studies 397The Impact of Globalization on Women