Requirement 3

The development and/or functioning of the international financial and commercial system

  • Amherst College
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  • Hampshire College
SS 232Global Capitalism and the Changing Political Economy of Africa and Latin America
  • Mount Holyoke College
Economics 100Global Economy
Economics 213Economic Development
Economics 216International Trade
Economics 217International Finance
Economics 312Seminar in International Trade
Economics 313Seminar in International Finance
Economics 314Economic Development in the Age of Globalization
Economics 321Comparative Economic Systems
Politics 240International Political Economy
  • Smith College
Economics 205International Trade and Commercial Policy
Economics 206International Finance
Economics 208European Economic Development
Economics 209Comparative Economic Systems
Economics 211Economic Development
Economics 305International Trade and Commercial Policy
Economics 306International Financial Markets
Government 242 Politics of International Economic Relations
  • University of Massachusetts
Economics 121The International Economy
Economics 321International Monetary Theory
Economics 322International Trade
Economics 363History of the World Economy
Economics 366Economic Development
Economics 371Comparative Economic Systems
Political Science 359International Political Economy