Requirement 4

A history course concerning the period between 1789 and 1945 that pays substantial attention to the development of the international system


  • Amherst College
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  • Hampshire College
SS 287Mass Man, Mass Movements, Mass Culture: Europe 1890-1956
  • Mount Holyoke College
History 151Modern and Contemporary European Civilization
History 251Imperialism: Burdens, Benefits, and the British Empire
History 365Modern Europe: The Twentieth Century
  • Smith College
History 240Tradition and Change in Russian and Soviet History, 1801-Present
History 246The European Enlightenment
History 247The Rise and Collapse of the Russian and Soviet Empires
History 250Europe in the 19th Century
History 251Europe in the 20th Century
  • University of Massachusetts
History 111Problems in World Civilization II
History 141European History, 1815 to Present
History 143HHonors European History, 1815 to Present
History 310HEuropean Political Diplomacy, 1870-1914
History 311HEuropean Political Diplomacy, 1914-1945
History 312European Political Diplomacy Since 1945
History 339British Empire
History 381U.S. Diplomatic History II