Five College Consortium

Five College International Relations Program

Requirement 5

Contemporary American foreign policy, including both its substance and the policy-making system

  • Amherst College
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  • Hampshire College
HACU 242Cold War Culture
SS 135The Culture(s) of United States Foreign Policy
SS 212Postwar America
  • Mount Holyoke College
International Relations 270American Foreign Policy
  • Smith College
Government 244Foreign Policy of the United States
Government 245US Foreign Policy Toward Africa Since the Cold War
Government 341Seminar: National Security Policy after the Cold War
Government 343Seminar: The Cold War Revisited
History 273Contemporary America
  • University of Massachusetts
History 369The US Since Pearl Harbor
History 380US Diplomatic History I
History 381The US and the Cold War, 1917-1990
History 402HUS and East Asia Relations
History 441US Relations with Latin America
History 402HUS and East Asia Relations
Political Science 255American Foreign Policy
Political Science 397The US and Post-Communism