Five College Consortium

Five College International Relations Program

Requirement 7

Area studies: Two courses on the politics, economy and/or societies of foreign areas. At least one of these should involve the study of one or more nations or societies in the Third World.


  • Amherst College
First Year Seminar 7Afrrica: Power and Representation
Anthropology 26African Cultures and Societies
Anthropology 42The Crisis of the State in Africa
Black Studies 23Short Stories from the Black World
Black Studies 42Myth, Ritual and Iconography in West Africa
Black Studies 43Visual and Verbal Metaphors in Africa
Black Studies 44Issues of Gender in African Literature
Fine Arts 68Survey of African Art
Fine Arts 70African Art and the Diaspora
History 22Twentieth Century Africa
History 64Introduction to South African History
History 92Topics in African History
Political Science 35Contemporary African Politics
Political Science 46Western Discourses/African Conflicts
  • Hampshire College
IA 185West African Literature
SS 144African Development
SS 229Cultural Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
SS 232Global Capitalism and the Changing Political Economy of Africa and Latin America
  • Mount Holyoke College
Dance 142West African Dance
English 253African Literature
English 374The Political Imagination in Contemporary South Africa
French 219The French Speaking World
French 341Contes et legendes d'Afrique Francophone
Geography 217Geography of Africa
Geography 304Selected Problems in Regional Geography: Planning and the Environment 
History 140Africa to 1800
History 141.Violence and Social Change in Modern Africa
History 241African Popular Culture
History 296African Women's Work, 1880-1980
History 301Food and Famine in African History
History 341Topics in African History
Politics 108Introduction to African American and African Studies
Politics 213fAfrican Political Systems
  • Smith College
Afro-American Studies 218History of Southern Africa
Afro-American Studies 220Women of the African Diaspora
Afro-American Studies 25820th Century Africa: A Modern History
Anthropology 230Population and Environment in Africa
Anthropology 231Africa: A Continent in Crisis
Anthropology 342The Virtualized Village--Africa in a Globalizing World
Comparative Literature 267African Women's Drama
Comparative Literature 20520th Century Literatures of Africa
Comparative Literature 315Gender Issues in African Women's Narratives
Dance 142West African Dance
Government 224Governments and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
Government 227 Government and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
Government 232Southern African Politics
Government 321Power and Politics in Africa: The Female Factor
Government 345South Africa in World Politics
History 259Aspects of African History
Theatre 315African and Caribbean Theatre
  • University of Massachusetts
Afro-American Studies 111  Survey of African Art
Afro-American Studies 113Aesthetics of Pan-African Art
Afro-American Studies 254Introduction to African Studies
Afro-American Studies 394African Art History
Afro-American Studies 395The Writings of Chinua Achebe
Anthropology 470Cultures of Africa
Comparative Literature 355Modern African Literature
French 353Francophone African and Caribbean Film
French 388Francophone Civilization Outside of France
French 564Literature of Africa and the Caribbean
History 161History of Africa Since 1500
History 397Industrialization and Social Change in Southern Africa
History 397Women in Contemporary African History
History 493AColonial Africa
History 497Special Topics: Women in Colonial Africa
Political Science 343Government and Politics of East Africa
Political Science 346Government and Politics of West Africa
Political Science 397South Africa in Crisis
Women's Studies 394Theorizing Black Feminisms


  • Amherst College
First Year Seminar 15The Japanese Aesthetic: From Samurai to Sony
Anthropology 21Indian Civilization
Asian 11Perspectives on Asia
Asian 12Introduction to the Literature of East Asia
Economics 35The Economy of Japan
English 96Contemporary Indian Writing in English
Fine Arts 59Arts of Asia
Fine Arts 60Arts of China
Fine Arts 65Later Japanese Art
Fine Arts 91Topics in Fine Arts: Constructing Space in Japan
Fine Arts 91Topics in Fine Arts: Asian Art, Western Eyes
History 15Chinese Civilization
History 16Modern China
History 18Modern Japan
History 57Topics in Chinese History
History 58Japan Since 1945
History 59Japan and Imperialism in East Asia
History 70Modern Japan
History 71Japan and Imperialism in East Asia
Japanese 16Japanese Literature, Film, and Translation
Japanese 26Modern Japanese Literature
Japanese 27Japanese Film and Literature
Music 25Seminar in World Music: The Music of India
Religion 23Buddhism in Theory and Practice
Religion 25Tibetan Religion
Religion 72Issues in Buddhist Philosophy
  • Hampshire College
HACU 150Music of India
HACU 203Asian Cinemas
SS 107Fact and Fiction of Southeast Asia
SS 179Human Rights and Political Reform in Contemporary China
SS 223Gandhi's Critique of Modernity in Contemporary Perspective
SS 269Culture and Power in Modern South Asia
SS 294Chinese Diaspora: Identities and Communities in Global Context
  • Mount Holyoke College
Anthropology 204Anthropology of Modern Japan
Anthropology 208Folklore in South Asia
Anthropology 216Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
Art History 105Arts of Asia
Art History 261Arts of China
Art History 262Arts of Japan
Art History 263Arts of India
Art History 290Asian Art in the Period of Western Domination
Art History 360Indian Films
Asian Studies 100 Introduction to Japanese Civilization
Asian Studies 103Introduction to Indian Civilization
Asian Studies 210Classics of Indian Literature
Asian Studies 211Modern Indian Writing
Asian Studies 220Indian Women: Literary and Cultural Perspectives
Asian Studies 254The Great Epics of India: Representations and Interpretations
Asian Studies 261Hinduism
Asian Studies 272Gandhi, Tagore: Nonviolence, the Nation, and the World
Asian Studies 373Colonialism and Culture in British India
Dance 142Japanese Dance
Dance 142Classical Indian Technique
Economics 202East Asian  Economic Development
Geography 214Geography of South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka
History 131Modern China
History 133Japan Since 1600
History 135Modern Korea
History 296Women in Chinese History
History 301Nationalism and Nation-Building in East Asia
History 331Imperial Japan
History 331China's Tumultuous Twentieth Century
International Relations 341Political Islam
Politics 381South Asian Politics
Religion 263Buddhism
Religion 250Zen and Japanese Culture
Religion 261Hinduism
Religion 325Asian Religions
Religion 345Topics in the Study of Islam
  • Smith College
Art History 101Buddhist Art
Art History 124Art of Japan
Art History 222The Art of China
Art History 226The Art of India
Dance 142Javanese Dance
East Asian Languages 100The Literary Traditions of East Asia: China, Japan and Korea
East Asian Languages 232Modern Chinese Literature
East Asian Languages 235How Poems Mean in China and the West
East Asian Languages 236Modernity: East and West
East Asian Languages 240Japanese Language and Culture
East Asian Languages 242Modern Japanese Literature
East Asian Languages 251Modern Korean Literature
East Asian Studies 240Colloquium: China Through Film
East Asian Studies 275Colloquium: Japan-United States Relations
East Asian Studies 279Colloquium: The Art and Culture of Tibet
Economics 309Topics in Comparative Economic Systems: South Asia
Economics 311Economic Development in East Asia
Film Studies 241Japanese Cinema
Government 228Government and Politics of Japan
Government 230Government and Politics of China
Government 344Seminar on Foreign Policy of the Chinese People's Republic
Government 348Seminar in International Politics: Conflict and Cooperation in Asia
Government 349The Political Economy of the Newly Industrializing Countries of Asia
Government 351 Seminar: Foreign Policy of Japan
History 211The Emergence of China
History 212China in Transformations A.D. 700-1900
History 213Aspects of East Asian History
History 218Thought and Art in China
History 221Modern Japan
History 222Aspects of Japanese History
History 292The 19th Century Crisis in East Asia
Music 220East Asia
Music 220Insular Southeast Asia
Religion 270Religious History of India (Ancient & Classical)
Religion 271Religious History of India (Medieval & Modern)
Religion 272Buddhist Thought
Religion 273Colloquium in East Asian Religions
Religion 280Japanese Buddhism
Religion 370South Asian Religious Literature in Translation
Religion 372Problems in Buddhist Philosophy
Religion 373Religion and Theatre in Southeast Asia
  • University of Massachusetts
Anthropology 343Cultures of Southeast Asia
Anthropology 574Cultures of the Far East
Chinese 136Introduction to Chinese Cinema
Chinese 138Religion in Chinese Culture
Chinese 153Chinese Literature: Poetry
Chinese 154Chinese Literature (in translation)
Chinese 526Reading in Modern Chinese Literature 1 (1st sem)
Chinese 527Reading in Modern Chinese Literature II (2nd sem)
Japanese 135Japanese Art and Culture
Japanese 144Japanese Literature in Translation
Japanese 197AJapanese Poetry and Song
Japanese 291AJapanese Women Writers
Japanese 560Seminar in Japanese Literature
Comparative Literature 384Vietnam: Literature and Film
Geography 331East Asia
Geography 332Southeast Asia
History 115History of East Asian Civilization: China
History 116History of East Asian Civilization: Japan
History 346Modern China: The Twentieth Century
History 401Vietnam and Cambodia
History 402HUS and East Asian Relations
Political Science 334Government and Politics of Japan
Political Science 397Japan's Asian Hegemony
Political Science 397Political Economy of Japan
Sociology 332Social Change in China

Western Europe

  • Amherst College
First Year Seminar 14Berlin, Metropolis
First Year Seminar 17Pariscape: Imagining Paris in the Twentieth Century
First Year Seminar 20The Arts of Spain, From Goya to Saura
Fine Arts 45The Modern World
French 12Cultural history of France: From 1789 to the Present
French 30Contemporary French Literature: Crises and Transformation
French 32European Film
French 38French Cultural Studies
German 16German Cultural History from 1800 to the Present
German 34German Culture in the Cold War
History 3Europe in the Twentieth Century
History 4Exploring Europe in the Modern Age
History 33Modern Germany
History 23Nazi Germany
History 75Seminar on Modern European History
History 76Seminar on the Politics of Memory: Twentieth Century Europe
Political Science 25Comparative European Political Development
Political Science 45Contemporary Europe
Spanish 16Introduction to Spanish Literature
Spanish 24Modern Spanish Literature
Spanish 44The Spanish Civil War: Art, Politics, and Violence
  • Hampshire College
SS 213Contemporary Germany 1945-2000
SS 224The Jews of Germany and Russia: A Comparative Study
SS 293Mass Man, Mass Movements, Mass Culture: Europe, 1890-1956
SS 297Berlin Seminar
  • Mount Holyoke College
Anthropology 205Cultures of Europe
Dance 142Flamenco
European Studies 316European Studies Seminar
French 215

Culture and Literature in France and the French-Speaking World

French 219The French-Speaking World
French 220Nation and Supra-Nation: France in Europe
French 225Conversations in Culture and Literature: Speaking of Modern France
French 230Contemporary French Society
German 209Landeskunde I: The Culture of the German-Speaking Countries
German 210Landeskunde II: The Culture of the German-Speaking Countries
German 221German Literature and Its Context
German 222Studies in German Literature and Culture
German 231German Literature and Culture in a European Context
German 241Blacks in German Culture
German 315Women in the Weimar Republic
German 319Consequences of Modernity: German Culture 1900-1945
German 325Die DDR im Text und in Den Medien
History 119German History in the Modern World
History 151Modern and Contemporary European Civilization
History 161Imperialism: Burdens, Benefits, and the British Empire
History 260From Hapsburg to Hitler: Bohemian Politics, 1848-1945
History 361sAnti-Semitism
Italian 315Cinema and Literature: An Intertextual Approach to Italian Culture and Society
Politics 237European Politics
Politics 343fsThe Intellectual and Politics: Fascism and the Holocaust
Politics 379Topics in European Politics
Spanish 246Modern Spanish Literature
Spanish 352Spanish Literature: Twentieth Century
Spanish 362Seminar in Spanish Literature
  • Smith College
Economics 208European Economic Development
Film Studies 245British Film and Television
French 230Black Francophone Women Writers
French 244French Cinema
French 251The French Press
French 256From Revolution to Revolution: 1789 to 1968
French 380Topics in French Cultural Studies
German 151Colloquium: Jews in German Culture
German 230German Cinema and the Third Reich
German 230Weimar Cinema
German 288History and Literature of Germany: 1945 to the Present
Government 221The Politics of Western Europe
Government 326Politics of the European Union
Government 346Gender and Politics in Europe
Government 347The European Union in the Global Economy
History 251Europe in the 20th Century
History 253Women in Modern Europe
History 25520th Century European Thought
History 286Jews and European History 1492 to 1942
History 350Modern Europe: The Revolutionary Tradition, 1789-1989
Italian 343Modern Italian Literature
Italian 342Italian Cinema
Theatre 217Modern European Drama
Theatre 218Modern European Drama
  • University of Massachusetts
Anthropology 262Introduction to the Cultures of Europe
Anthropology 361Peoples of Europe: The Western Mediterranean
Anthropology 467Cultures of Alpine Europe
Economics 361European Economic History
French 353Francophone African and Caribean Film
French 387French Civilization:Origins to 1945
French 388Francophone Civilization Outside of France
French 389Quebec Civilization
French 564Literature of Africa and the Caribbean
German 304German Film
German 342Survey of modern German Culture
German 370Nineteenth Century German Thought
German 372Vienna 1890-1914
German 375Hitler's Myth of a Thousand-Year Reich
German 379Contemporary Germany I
German 393Seminar:20th Century Literature:Experiment,alienation and exile
History 101Western Thought Since 1600
History 111Problems in World Civilization II
History 141European History, 1815 to Present
History 310HEuropean Political Diplomacy, 1870-1914
History 311HEuropean Political Diplomacy, 1914-1945
History 312HEuropean Political Diplomacy, Since 1945
History 314European Intellectual History of the 20th Century
History 321Modern Scandinavia
History 322France Since 1789
History 327Modern Italy
History 331English History, 1688 to Present
History 339British Empire and Commonwealth Since 1783
History 343Europe and the Middle East
History 344History of Canada
History 386A Survey of World War II
History 427Fascist Movement and Ideas
Italian 487Contemporary Italian Culture and Society
Italian 497Italian Critical Thought and Interpretation
Italian 56520th-century Italian Novel: Transition
Political Science 239Government and Politics of West Europe
Political Science 249Canadian Politics
Political Science 297Politics of European Film
Political Science 332Government and Politics of Scandinavia
Political Science 339Government and Politics of Western Europe
Political Science 344Government and Politics of Spain and Portugal
Political Science 359Western European Foreign Policies
Spanish 321Literature of Spain
Spanish 545Modern Spanish Theatre
Spanish 54620th Century Spanish Prose Fiction
Spanish 547Modern Spanish Poetry
Portuguese 315Portuguese Civilization
Portuguese 321Introduction to Portuguese Literature II
Portuguese 44620th Century Portuguese Literature

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Amherst College
Colloquia 12The World Columbus Found
English 99Caribbean Poetry: The Anglophone Tradition
History 12Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
History 28Topics in the Caribbean: Haiti and the French Caribbean
History 52Poverty and Economic Development in Twentieth Century Latin America
History 53The History of Brazil, 1500 to the Present
History 54.Revolution, Dictatorship, and Power in Twentieth Century Latin America
History 55Caribbean History
History 86Seminar on Trade and Plunder in Latin America and the Caribbean
History 90Seminar on Race and Identity in Latin America
Political Science 22 US-Latin American Relations
Political Science 31Introduction to Latin American Politics
Political Science 48Cuba: The Politics of Extremism
Political Science 69Markets and Democracy in Latin America
Spanish 17Introduction to Spanish-American Literature
Spanish 33Spanish Literature and Culture
Spanish 36Popular Culture of Hispanic America
Spanish 38The Twentieth Century Short Story in Spanish America
Spanish 40Spanish and Latin American Film
Spanish 41The Boom: Spanish-American Literature of the Sixties and Seventies
  • Hampshire College
HACU 241Culture Clash: Modernization, Globalization, and Latin America
SS108Life Stories from Latin America
SS 133People of the Americas
SS 232Global Capitalism and the Changing Political Economy of Africa and Latin America
  • Mount Holyoke College
Anthropology 202Latin American Society and Culture
English 370The Caribbean in American Culture
LatAm Studies 170Readings in Caribbean Literature
LatAm Studies 180Introduction to Latin American Cultures
LatAm Studies 274Puerto Rican Literature and Society: Borinquen to El Barrio
LatAm Studies 277Caribbean Women Writers
LatAm Studies 287Topics in Latin American Studies: Women in Latin American Cinema
LatAm Studies 288Modern Mexico
LatAm Studies 373Studies in Comparative Caribbean Culture
LatAm Studies 375Paradigms of New World Thought: History, Race, Class, and Nationality
LatAm Studies 386Central America: Reform, Reaction, Revolution
LatAm Studies 387Special Topics in Latin American Studies
LatAm Studies 388Post-Modernism and Latin America
Spanish 235Introduction to Latin American Literature I
Spanish 237Introduction to Latin American Literature II
Spanish 341Contemporary Latin American Literature
Spanish 351Latin American Thought
Spanish 361Seminar on Latin American Literature
  • Smith College
American Studies 222Imagining the Americas
Anthropology 237Native South Americans: Conquest and Resistance
Art History 240Current Issues in Latin American Art
Comparative Literature 268Latina and Latin American Women Writers
Dance 142Comparative Caribbean Dance
Dance 142Cuban Dance
Economics 318Seminar: Latin American Economics
French 360Dancing on the Volcano: The Haitian Revolution in Literature
Government 226Latin American Political Systems
Government 322Gender, Education and Democracy in Latin America
Government 322Mexican Politics from 1910 to the Present
History 261National Latin America, 1821 to the Present
History 263Revolutionary Mexico, 1876-1940
History 263Gender in the Study of Latin American History
Latin American Studies 100Perspectives on Latin America
Latin American StudiesColloquium in Latin American and Latino Studies
Latin American Studies 301Cuban Society, 1898 to the Present
Spanish 260Survey of Latin American Literature I
Spanish 261Survey of Latin American Literature II
Spanish 265Latin American Film as Visual Narrative
Spanish 364Tradition and Dissent: Spanish Literature and Culture, 1900-1936
Spanish 371Central American Literature
Spanish 372Indigenismo in Latin America
  • University of Massachusetts
Anthropology 338Culture and Society in Mesoamerica
Anthropology 376South American Ethnology
Anthropology 382Caribbean Cultures
Economics 567Latin American Economic Development
French 353Francophone African and Caribbean Film
French 564Literature of Africa and the Caribbean
Geography 320Latin America
History 121Latin American Civilization: The National Period
History 354History of Mexico
History 356History of Venezuela and Colombia
History 440Modern Central America
History 441US Relations with Latin America
History 442Latin America in the 20th Century
Political Science 340Government and Politics of Latin America
Political Science 352Inter-American Relations
Political Science 397Revolutionary Nationalism and Imperialism in the Caribbean
Spanish 308Latin American Literature in Translation
Spanish 309Spanish American Women Writers in Translation
Spanish 323Spanish American Literature II
Spanish 417Culture and Civilization of Spanish America
Spanish 551Spanish-American Literature from Independence to Modernismo
Spanish 552The Modernist Movement
Spanish 557Hispanic Literature of the Caribbean
Political Science 245Government and Politics of the Caribbean
Portuguese 316Brazilian Civilization
Portuguese 45620th Century Brazilian Literature
Women's Studies 393Gender Debates and Caribbean Development

Middle East

  • Amherst College
History 20The Middle East from 1300 to the Present
History 61The History of Israel
Political Science 37Israel, Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Religion 17The Islamic Religious Tradition
Religion 24 Muhammad and the Qur'an
Religion 53Sufisim
Religion 55Islam in the Modern World
Religion 56Women and Islamic Constructions of Gender
  • Hampshire College
SS 139Zionism and the Struggle for Palestine
SS 234 Sociology of Islam
SS 235Societies and Cultures of the Middle East
SS 272 Social Movements and Social Change in the Middle East
  • Mount Holyoke College
Art History 271Arts of Islam: Book, Mosque, and Palace
French 341Maghreb
Geography 215Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
History 211Middle East: 1500 to the Present
International Relations 211Middle East Politics
International Relations 222The United States, Israel, and the Arabs
International Relations 224The United States and Iran
International Relations 323Comparative Politics of the Middle East
International Relations 333Just War and Jihad: Comparative Ethics of War and Peace
International Relations 341Political Islam
International Relations 342Comparative Politics of North Africa
Religion 201Introduction to the Qur'an
Religion 202Introduction to Islam
Religion 205Issues in Islamic History
Religion 207Women and Gender in Islam
  • Smith College
Economics 214Economics of the Middle East and North Africa
Government 224Governments and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
Government 229Government and Politics of Israel
Government 248The Arab-Israeli Dispute
History 208The Shaping of the Modern Middle East
History 209Modern Egypt
Religion 275The Islamic Tradition
Religion 278Religion and Politics in Islam
  • University of Massachusetts
Arabic 391Modern Arabic Literature in Translation
Arabic 392Comparative Modern Israeli and Arabic Literature in Translation
Art History 537History of Islamic Art and Architecture II
History 131 Middle Eastern History II
History 340Civilization of Islam I
History 342Civilization of Islam II
History 343Europe and the Middle East
History 391BCritical Perspectives on the Modern Middle East
History 397Islamic Revolutionary Movements
History 497HHistory of Modern Turkey
Judaic Studies 101Middle Eastern History II
Judaic Studies 102The Jewish People
Judaic Studies 366Zionism and the State of Israel
Judaic Studies 390BWorld Jewry Since 1945
Legal Studies 491Law, Politics and Religion in the Contemporary Middle East
Political Science 333Government and Politics of the Middle East
Near Eastern Studies 391Critical Perspectives on the Middle East
Women's Studies 394Arab Women in Fiction

The Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

  • Amherst College
History 6Russia: A History of Late Imperial and Soviet Russia
History 31East Central Europe in the 20th Century
History 80Seminar in Russian History
Political Science 27Russian Politics Past and Present
Political Science 57Problems of International Politics: Rethinking the Cold War
Russian 23Russian Literature in the Twentieth Century
Russian 29Russian and Soviet Film
Russian 43 and 44Advanced Studies in Russian Literature and Culture
  • Hampshire College
HACU 118.Russia: Film/Literature of Revolution
SS 111From Potsdam to Perestroika: East Central Europe Since World War II
SS 224The Jews of Germany and Russia: A Comparative Study
SS 235Political Leadership in 20th Century Russia
  • Mount Holyoke College
Anthropology 205fCultures of Europe
History 301The "Other Europe" Since 1945
History 365Central Europe Under Hitler and Stalin
Politics 237European Politics
Russian and Eurasian Studies 131Nomads, Steppes, and Cities: An Introduction to the Peoples and Cultures of Russia and Eurasia
Russian and Eurasian Studies 211Manuscripts Don't Burn: The Literature of 20th Century Russia
Russian and Eurasian Studies 240Russia: From the Cold War into the 21st Century
Russian and Eurasian Studies 241 Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union and its Successor States
Russian and Eurasian Studies 331The Impacts of War: The Russian Case
Russian and Eurasian Studies 350Revolutions
  • Smith College
Economics 309Eastern European Economic Transition
Government 222The Politics of East and Central Europe
Government 223Government and Politics of the Soviet Union and Its Successor States
Government 362Transition to Democracy
History 240Tradition and Change in Russian and Soviet History, 1801-Present
History 241The Moscow Kremlin
History 242Central Asia from the Mongols to the Present
History 247The Rise and Collapse of the Russian and Soviet Empires
Religion 231 The Spirit of Eastern Christianity
Russian 340Russian Thought
  • University of Massachusetts
Anthropology 465Peoples of Central Europe
Anthropology 560Peoples of Eastern Europe and the USSR
Economics 172The Soviet Economy
History 316History of Russia II: The Soviet Era
History 317Russian Revolution
History 318Soviet Russia
Political Science 335Governments of East Central Europe
Political Science 350Russian Foreign Policy
Slavic Studies 251Modern Russian Culture I
Slavic Studies 256Modern Russian Writers in Translation
Slavic Studies 391Russian Film and World Cinema
Sociology 330Soviet Society and Its Integration

Third World Studies

  • Amherst College
English 84Topics in Film Study: Global Cinema/Third Cinema
French 36Literature in French Outside Europe: Introduction to Francophone Studies
Political Science 47Asian and Asian American Women
  • Hampshire College
NS 398Third World Health
SS 141Third World Development: Grassroots Perspectives
SS 280The Political Economy of Third World Development
  • Mount Holyoke College
Anthropology 105Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 207Peoples of the Pacific
Geography 311-312Third World Development Seminars
Geography 313Development and the Environment in the Third World
  • Smith College
Anthropology 232Third World Politics: Anthropological Perspectives
Anthropology 241Anthropology pf Development
Anthropology 243Colloquium in Political Ecology
Anthropology 250Native Peoples of North America
Anthropology 340The Politics of Development: Identity, Autonomy, and Resistance in the Third World
Anthropology 341Sacred Power as Secular PoliticsIdeology, Legitimacy and Action
Art History 304Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
Dance 272Dance and Culture
Dance 375The Anthropology of Dance
English 266Postcolonial Literature
Government 231Government and Plural Societies
Government 233Problems in Political Development
Government 322Seminar in Comparative Government
Government 323The Political Economy of Immigrant Minorities
Government 324Transitions to Democracy, Genfer and Leadership
Government 325Politics and Business in Developing Nations
Government 350International Development Policy
  • University of Massachusetts
Afro-American Studies 361Revolution in the Third Word
Afro-American Studies 497The Press and the Third World
Journalism 310The Press and the Third World
Political Science 111Comparative Politics
Political Science 331Political Development and Modernization
Political Science 335North-South International Economic Relations