The Five Colleges International Relations Program is governed by a group of faculty from different disciplines. The governing committee consists of a small group which makes decisions about the Certificate Program.

A larger group of faculty participates in the Five College IR Faculty Seminar. This group listed below meets regularly with outside speakers to discuss current research, to exchange scholarly papers, and to collaborate on research and teaching.

Audrey L. Altstadt
History Department, UMass
Soviet History; Soviet nationalities, especially Azerbaijan, Central Asia

Christian G. Appy
History Department, UMass
Modern U.S. History, Vietnam War

Mlada Bukovansky
Government Department, Smith College
IR theory, evolving norms and institutions, European politics

Charli Carpenter
Political Science, UMass
National security ethics, the laws of war, transnational advocacy networks, gender and political violence, war crimes, comparative genocide studies, humanitarian affairs, the role of information technology in human security

Calvin Chen
Politics Department, Mount Holyoke College
Political economy of East Asia, Chinese politics, comparative politics, work and labor politics, rural economic development, public administration

Javier Corrales
Political Science, Amherst College
Latin America, the politics of economic and social policy reform in developing countries

Brent Durbin
Government, Smith College
American foreign policy, strategic intelligence, military conflict and culture

Eric Einhorn
Political Science, UMass
Comparative public policy and political economy, European politics, and Scandinavian politics

Joshua S. Goldstein
Political Science, UMass
IR theory, theories of war, gender and war

Peter M. Haas
Political Science, UMass
International relations theory, international political economy, international environmental politics, international institutions, global governance

Sohail Hashmi
International Relations Program, Mount Holyoke
Religion and politics, particularly the role of Islam in domestic and international relations; ethics and international relations, particularly the comparative ethics of war and peace; Middle East politics

Frank Holmquist
Hampshire College
Comparative politics, peasant political economy, African and Third World development

Stephen F. Jones
International Relations, Mount Holyoke College
Russia, the Caucuses, post-Communist transitions, and nationalism

Kavita Khory
International Relations, Mount Holyoke College
South Asian politics and regional security, political violence, nationalism, migration, diaspora politics

Pavel Machala
Political Science, Amherst College
Marxist international relations theory, world political systems, world capitalist economy, U.S. diplomacy, domestic sources of U.S. foreign policy

Eleonora Mattiacci
International politics, with a special emphasis on security studies. Various aspects of the technology on international security, ranging from the impact of modern weapons on warfare to the impact of nuclear proliferation in relations among countries. 

David Mednicoff
Legal Studies, Public Policy, UMass
Middle East, Arab-Israeli conflict, U.S. foreign policy, international law, human rights, globalization, humanitarian intervention

April Merleaux
Critical Social Inquiry, Hampshire College
US Foreign Policy and Empire Studies, environmental and agrarian studies, critical race and ethnicity, drug policy

Ruxandra Paul
European Studies, Political Science, Amherst College
Political and societal impact of globalization, supranational integration and increasingly porous borders. International migration, cyberpolitics, varieties of citizenship, European politics, the European Union, post-communist politics and societies, democratization, civil society, and transnational rights.

Eva Paus
Economics, McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives, Mount Holyoke College
Economic development in the context of globalization, the implications of the rise of China for developing countries, policy space for alternatives to the Washington Consensus, globalization of production and possibilities for economic development

M.J. Peterson
Political Science, UMass
World Politics, international institutions, international political economy, technology and technological change

Kerry Ratigan
Political Science, Amherst College
China, social policy, authoritarianism, and state-society relations. Her research examines how local politics shapes social policy provision in China.

Andy Reiter
Politics, Mount Holyoke
Comparative politics, transitional justice, international law, political violence, Latin American politics

Jillian Schwedler
Political Science, UMass
Globalization, Neoliberalism, transnational religious networks, public spheres,
Middle East politics

Regine Spector
Political Science, UMass
Comparative politics, political economy, development, Eurasian politics

Jon Western
Politics, Mount Holyoke College
International security; human rights; American foreign policy

Gregory White
Government Department, Smith College
Political economy of developing countries and their relationships with advanced industrialized countries, the political economy and security implications of international labor migration, the north-south dimension of natural resource exploitation, the prospects of electoral reform

Kevin Young
Political Science, UMass
International political economy, financial regulation, private sector lobbying