Sheila Berotti

Instrument/Discipline: Noh, Kyōgen; Theatre of Yugen

Employment: Kyogen Outreach Coordinator at Theatre of Yugen
Work Address: 2840 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA  94110
Work Phone: 415-621-0507

Do you teach? Yes

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Sheila Berotti teaches Noh and Kyōgen. She also performs songs and dances from the Noh and Kyōgen repertoires (in Japanese) and many roles (in English) from classic Kyōgen plays. She has been training with Theatre of Yugen for over 15 years. Theatre of Yugen has performed all over the country as well as internationally for people of all ages - their Kyōgen in English repertoire is especially entertaining for kids!  All lessons are in English, with songs in the traditional Japanese language.