Burlington Taiko (Stuart Paton)

Instrument/Discipline: Taiko; Burlington Taiko Group
Professional Name (芸名): Stuart Paton, Burlington Taiko

Home Address: P.O. Box 65115, Burlington, VT  05406
Cell Phone: 802-999-4255

Employment: Educator and performer of taiko, congas, djembe
Work Address: P.O. Box 65115 Burlington, VT  05406
Work Phone: 802-658-0658
Email 1: booking@burlingtontaiko.org
Email 2: stuart@burlingtontaiko.org
Website: www.burlingtontaiko.org

Do you teach? Yes

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Stuart Paton, Founder and Artistic Director of Burlington Taiko spent most of his childhood in Japan, from age nine months through eighteen years. His earliest exposure to taiko included a first-grade fascination with the drums at an Obon celebration in Tokyo, and learning “Matsuri Daiko” from the composer of the score for his high school drama production. His formal study of taiko began in 1984 during a summer apprenticeship with Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka, the founder of the first taiko group in North America (San Francisco Taiko Dojo). Stuart Paton founded the Burlington Taiko Group in 1986, not long after settling in Vermont. Paton is an excellent teacher for workshops, and Burlington Taiko offers thrilling performances that have been enjoyed throughout New England as well as California and Japan.