Cincinnati Dayton Taiko

Instrument/Discipline: Taiko
Contact Name: Helen Rindsberg, Director

Home Address: 2324 Muriel Court, Cincinnati, OH 45219
Home Phone: 513-381-0234


Do you teach? Yes                                      

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Cincinnati Dayton Taiko has been performing since 1999. St. Louis Taiko trained our original group and we have had a number of professional taiko players teach us over the years.  Our most veteran member is a former Japanese dance teacher and others of us are just crazy about taiko.  We range in age from college students to over 80 years old. Our group is happy to teach a workshop before or after a performance.  Participants learn a simple rhythm then play it on our drums. We play at festivals and private events in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana area.  We play both traditional taiko rhythms and modern ensemble pieces.  Between songs, we talk to the audience about the history of taiko and the stories behind some of our songs.