Columbia Hōgaku Instrumental Ensemble

School (流): Koto: Ikuta-ryū; Shakuhachi: Kinko-ryū
Ha/Kai (流派/会): To-onkai Nagauta, Masahiro Minyokai, Togi Suenobu Gagaku
Professional Name (芸名): The Columbia Early Modern Japanese Chamber Music Ensemble

Work Address: Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies
1140 Amsterdam Ave, Kent Hall Rm 509, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027
Work Phone: 212-854-7403

Do you teach? 
Students are taught to play the shakuhachi and koto currently with plans to add shamisen in the future.

Do you perform? 
Students give semester end recitals with the possibility of additional performances as the class develops.

Additional information:

Columbia Hōgaku Instrumental Ensemble is a joint initiative of the Department of Music, the Music Performance Program, the Center for Ethnomusicology, and the Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies at Columbia University. It is open to all students of Columbia, Barnard, and the Columbia-Juilliard Program. There is a six-week summer Mentor-Protégé Program in Tokyo for outstanding players.