Elizabeth Dowd

Instrument/Discipline: Noh; Noh Training Project 
School (流): Kita
Ha/Kai (流派/会): Theatre Nohgaku

Home Address: 736 East Third Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Home Phone: 570-784-8016
Cell Phone: 570-594-0408

Employment: Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble
Work Address: 226 Center Street, Bloomsburg, PA
Work Phone: 570-784-5530
Email 1: ntp@uplink.net
Email 2: edowd@bte.org
Website: www.nohtrainingproject.org

Do you teach? Yes                               

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Elizabeth Dowd has trained under Noh expert Richard Emmert, and Noh actors Sadamu Omura, Akira Matsui and Kinue Oshima. She is a founding member of Theatre Nohgaku and has performed with them in At The Hawk’s Well, Pine Barrens, Crazy Jane, andPagoda. She has toured with Theatre Nohgaku and the Oshima Family Noh Theatre in Janette Cheong’s production of Pagoda, an English Noh play which toured to London, Dublin, Oxford, Paris, Japan, and China.

Dowd teaches Intro to Noh workshops during the fall, winter and spring by invitation at various colleges, universities, and performing arts high schools each year. The Noh Training Project at the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble offers in-depth study of Noh with a larger faculty for three weeks every summer- usually mid July-first week of August.

Elizabeth Dowd's lecture/demo includes performances of short dances and chants from Noh plays.