Olga Ehrlich

Instrument/Discipline: Taiko: Chu Daiko, Shime Daiko, Odaiko, Katsugi Okedo
School (流): Mountain River Taiko Dojo

Home Address: PO Box 983, Williamsburg, MA 01096

Email: mountainrivertaiko@gmail.com
Website 1: mountainrivertaiko.tumblr.com

Do you teach? Yes

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Olga Ehrlich played taiko for 14 years, with 5 different groups in Utah and Arizona prior
to moving to Massachusetts in 2010. She has studied and performed in the US and Japan, and has taken classes with a number of renowned taiko players. As a result, she has a broad base of understanding of the music of contemporary taiko drumming. She teaches beginners traditional tunes from Japan for both festival and ensemble taiko which she learned from her teachers. She has a fondness for these pieces and feels it is important to carry them forward for future generations.

Olga Ehrlich offers beginner classes quarterly in 8-week sessions. She also forms advanced beginner classes to accommodate interest. She is passionate about playing taiko and in her classes she attempts to instill joy and respect for the individual abilities of her students.

She is available to perform upon request, depending on the setting. She is also always interested in collaborating with other musicians and hopes, in the near future, to form a performing ensemble which includes Japanese flutes and stringed instruments.