Kanako Konari Ford フォード加奈子

Instrument/Discipline: Koto 琴
School (流): Ikuta-ryū 生田流
Ha/Kai (流派/会): Seiha  正派
Professional Name (芸名): Utashika Ford フォード雅楽之加

Phone: 801-673-6105

Email 1: kanaford@gmail.com
Email 2: kanaford@hotmail.com
Website: wasatchkoto.blogspot.com

Do you teach? Yes

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Kanako Konari Ford is a Seiha Ikuta-ryū Shihan. She teaches a variety of koto music, from classic to contemporary. She also composes songs for koto and enjoys collaborating with performers of other instruments such as shinobue, taiko, piano, and guitar.