Mark Izu

Instrument/Discipline: Acoustic Bass, Sheng (Chinese multi-reed instrument) and Shō (Japanese multi-reed instrument)

Home Address: 43 Parsons Street, San Francisco, CA 94118
Home Phone: 415-221-0601

Employment: First Voice
Work Address: 43 Parsons Street, San Francisco, CA 94118
Work Phone: 415-221-0601
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Do you teach? No

Do you perform? Yes

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Mark Izu, a third generation Japanese-American, has fused the traditional music of Asia with African-American improvisation. He plays acoustic bass as well as several traditional Asian instruments. Izu has gained international recognition for developing a new musical genre, Asian American Jazz, and his CD Threading Time received Critic’s Choice as one of the top 10 spiritual jazz releases of 2008. Izu has studied and performed with Japanese Imperial Court master musician Suenobu Togi since 1976. He was artistic director of the Asian American Jazz Festival in San Francisco from 1990-2000.  Izu has gained national and international attention for developing a new musical genre — Asian American Jazz — and has performed with jazz artists such as James Newton, Steve Lacy, Zakir Hussain, George Lewis, Cecil Taylor, Anthony Brown, Jon Jang, and Jin Hi Kim.