Yumi Kurosawa

Instrument/Discipline: 13- and 20-stringed koto
School (流): Ikuta-ryū
Ha/Kai (流派/会): Seiha

Employment: Bernstein Artists, Inc  Attn: Sue Bernstein
Work Address: 282 Flatbush Avenue, Suite 101, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA
Work Phone: 718-623-1214
Email 1: sue@bernsarts.com
Email 2: roarke@bernsarts.com
Website: www.bernsarts.com  www.yumikuro.com

Do you teach? Yes                               

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

An award-winning koto star from a young age, Yumi Kurosawa is one of today's most exciting soloists on Japan's national instrument. Her solo repertoire includes classical Japanese compositions, as well as her own innovative and enchanting original works. Born in Morioka, Japan, Kurosawa began her koto studies when she was three, going on to win first prize at the National Japanese Koto Competition for students in 1989 and 1992. Since relocating to the US, she has played on such stages as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, the Apollo Theater, and the Blue Note. Kurosawa has been a principal soloist with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Swan in the UK, and the Houston Grand Opera, and in 2015, she was commissioned to write an original score for the Houston Ballet. Her many collaborations have included pairings of koto with tabla, with oud, with string quartet, and with dance, including a piece with the Beyonce-affiliated dance duo Les Twins. Kurosawa is currently working on a collaborative program with tabla player Anubrata Chatterjee, son of the world-renowned tabla master Anindo Chatterjee. She has two solo albums out to date: 2015's Looking up at the Sky, and 2009's Beginning of a Journey.