Kyodo Taiko

Instrument/Discipline: Taiko ensemble
School (流): UCLA
Professional Name (芸名): Kyodo Taiko


Do you teach? Yes

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Kyodo Taiko currently teaches a recreation class at UCLA’s John Wooden Center on Friday’s from 6:55pm-7:40pm. They perform at all types of events ranging from Festivals to Weddings. Kyodo Taiko is the first collegiate taiko group to form in North America. Kyodo has two meanings – one is “family, “ and the other, literally, “loud children.”  

Comprised entirely of college students, Kyodo Taiko is in a perpetual state of turnover and transition, with no fixed sensei. In addition, most members have no prior experience with playing taiko. To counteract the group’s inexperience and lack of a constant teaching source, it is a main priority that all members cooperatively learn the different aspects and traditions of taiko, along with those of the group, in a very short period of time. Our performances include various campus and community events, outreach programs, K-12 school presentations, and private functions.