Michael Marshall

Instrument/Discipline: Para Para Dance

Home Address: Nashville, TN
Cell Phone: 615-519-0870

Employment: Self-employed ParaPara dancer and instructor
Email 1: mi-ke@para2mahou.com
Email 2: p2m@para2mahou.com
Website: www.para2mahou.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/MahouMike

Do you teach? Yes

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Michael "Mi~Ke" Marshall began ParaPara dancing and created the performance group Para²Mahou in the summer of 2003. The team was formed with the purpose of promoting understanding and performance of this popular Japanese dance style.

Para²Mahou is a non-profit group of ParaPara performers and enthusiasts. The team travels to conventions and events across the nation, performing and instructing others in ParaPara dance and explaining the immersive pop culture that surrounds it. It has also held ParaPara tournaments and gatherings for fellow "paralists," or ParaPara dancers. Para²Mahou welcomes all who are interested in the dance style, whether they wish to become performers or just dance for fun.

Michael's first ParaPara lesson at a major event was taught at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention in 2004. He made his performance debut at the same convention in 2005. He was recruited to attend Anime Expo 2004 in Anaheim, CA in order to choreograph a ParaPara routine to a song by Japanese pop artist Yoko Ishida and perform the routine at her Hyper Yocomix album release concert. He was subsequently hired by Geneon Universal Entertainment to become a choreographer for Yoko Ishida's music and the "Anime Fusion Tour". He created ParaPara dance routines to several songs featured on the ParaPara MAX CD series in January of 2006. He was featured in the instructional videos "ParaPara MAX -- The Moves 101" and "Anime-Pop Star Yoko Ishida: Live In Concert". Michael's performance group has performed with Yoko Ishida several times on tour in the United States.

Michael and the Para²Mahou team have performed and hosted ParaPara workshops at the Middle Tennessee Anime convention annually since 2004 and have been invited to participate at the Atlanta JapanFest. Michael also established the ParaPara Dance Association student organization at Middle Tennessee State University.

Michael and his dance group are constantly seeking new opportunities to share the Japanese ParaPara dance style with others and spread our passion for both ParaPara dancing and Japanese culture.