Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Texas

Instrument/Discipline: Okinawan Drumming Dance (エイサー)
Ha/Kai (流派/会): Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (琉球國祭り太鼓)
Professional Name (芸名): Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Texas (琉球國祭り太鼓テキサス支部)

Home Address: 33 Rippling Creek, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Home Phone: 281-636-2798 

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Do you teach? Yes

Do you perform? Yes

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Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (RMD) literally translates to "Ryukyu Kingdom Festival Drums". Ryukyu Kingdom is the ancient name for what is presently known as Okinawa prefecture in Japan. It is located just southwest of mainland Japan and northeast of Taiwan.

RMD’s performances are modeled on the traditional drum dancing called Eisa. Unlike other forms of taiko, Okinawan Eisa taiko drummers all carry their own drums. There are three types of drums. Some drummers use the o-daiko (a large drum carried on a purple sash over the left shoulder). Others play hand drums, either the shime-daiko (a double sided, knotted or tied drum) or the paranku (a single sided drum). RMD’s choreography is a dynamic blend of traditional Eisa and Karate forms with contemporary influences, incorporating both traditional folk music and modern music.  

RMD Texas offers classes for children ages 6-11 and for students 12 years and older. They offer workshops and performances for children at public and private schools. In the workshops, they teach children Eisa dancing with paranku, the handheld drum.  Children experience and enjoy the cultural dance, while learning about the history and geography of Okinawa.

RMD also performs for corporations and public organizations.