James Nyoraku Schlefer

Instrument/Discipline: Shakuhachi; Ensemble East
School (流): Kyo-Shin-An 
Ha/Kai (流派/会): Kinko, Jin Nyodo lineage

Home Address: 44 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Home Phone: 718-832-5435
Cell Phone: 917-359-6714

Employment: Adjunct Lecturer at Columbia & City University of New York; Self-employed
Work Address: 44 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Work Phone: 718-832-5435
Email: james@nyoraku.com
Website 1: www.nyoraku.com
Website 2: www.kyoshinan.org

Do you teach? Yes                               

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

James Nyoraku Schlefer has taught and performed for the past 20 years. He teaches private lessons at his dojo, and at Columbia University’s Hōgaku-Gagaku program. He performs traditional shakuhachi honkyoku and classic sankyoku repertoire, contemporary music for Japanese instruments, and contemporary music for shakuhachi and Western instruments.