Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin

Instrument/Discipline: Shakuhachi
School (流): Kinko-ryū; 2 dai shihan menjo. One from Kirahashi Yodo I. One at the 9 dan level from Ningen Kokuho - Aoki Reibo.
Ha/Kai (流派/会): Nezasa-ha, Fuke Meian
Professional Name (芸名): Nyogetsu Reishin

Home Address: P.O. Box 81, Narrowsburg, NY 12764
Home Phone: 845-588-2023
Cell Phone: 917-207-6724

Employment: Adjunct faculty at Queens College and CUNY Graduate School
Work Address: 120 Riverside Drive, #3W, New York, NY 10024
Work Phone: 917-207-6724

Do you teach? Yes                               

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

I have been teaching shakuhachi full-time for 38 years.  I am the head of KiSuiAn Shakuhachi Dojo.  It is the largest and most active shakuhachi school in the world outside of Japan, and has been so for the past 30 years.  I teach in Philadelphia, Rochester, Syracuse, and Washington, D.C./Baltimore, in addition to my main teaching location in New York City.  I have also been teaching lessons via internet (formerly cassette lessons) for over 30 years, and have students in 26 states and six foreign countries.

I have been performing in the United States (extensively up and down the East Coast) for the past 35 years.  In addition, I have performed in Mexico, Argentina, Scotland, Canada, and annually in Japan.

I have licensed many others to teach, and they are teaching in many locations throughout the USA.  I have also co-composed a GRAMMY nominated CD, and an OSCAR nominated Documentary.

I have been Artist-in-Residence at New York University, and at the College of William and Mary. I was the producer of the World Shakuhachi Festival at NYU in 2004.