Linda Stephen

Instrument/Discipline: Origami, Origami-e, Chigiri-e, Japanese paper arts
Professional Name (芸名): Linda Stephen

Home Address:  P.O. Box 57234, Lincoln, NE 68505
Home Phone: 402-483-0747

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Do you teach? Yes                               

Do you perform? Yes

Additional information:

Fluent in Japanese, Linda Stephen studied, lived and worked in Shiga, Japan, for six years. Her origami-e landscapes are part of public and private collections across the U.S., Europe and Japan. Commissioned projects range from an animated origami dollar bill TV commercial for Tobacco Free Nebraska to the JW Marriott Hotel’s “sister city” collection in Grand Rapids, Mich. Her award-winning artworks have been featured in more than 100 juried solo or group exhibits including the the U.S. Botanical Garden, the Museum of the Hudson Highlands, the Museum of Nebraska Art, and the Nebraska Governor’s Mansion.

Linda Stephen presents workshops on Japanese paper arts to cities, schools, universities, museums, galleries, and culture festivals across North America.  Learn more at or

Artist Statement

I have lived and traveled around the world - from Osaka to London, Chicago to Oslo. There is beauty of place, and of spirit, all around us.

My origami-e bas relief landscapes are an extension of traditional origami – the Japanese art of paper folding. I am also influenced by the Japanese paper art chigiri-e (painting with paper).  I use a wide range of handcrafted papers, primarily washi, as my medium, from tissue-thin, hand-dyed rice papers to the vibrant patterned yuzen chiyogami fabric papers. Colors, patterns, textures and shadows are key design elements in my art. I use color to evoke feelings. Then I invent origami paper sculptures that add shadow, give depth and bring my work to life. Although sometimes a landscape will incorporate a thousand paper pieces, every item that is added must enhance the composition. 

For me, origami is a metaphor for our potential. One flat piece of paper, a seemingly simple material, through a multifaceted progression of paper-folds, can be transformed into almost anything. It is my hope that my art inspires viewers to look at life in a new way - to celebrate their world and their place in it.