Audio/Visual Needs

If you need anything media-related for your courses (videos/DVDs or equipment), here's where to go:


While videos and DVDs remain at the library, media services has moved to Seeley Mudd as part of Academic Technology Services. More info can be found by following links on Amherst's Teaching and Research page.

The Media Coordinator is John Kunhardt. His campus extension is 542-2149. You can contact him if you need to reserve equipment or schedule screenings.


Here is the main Media Services Page.

The person to contact is Andrew Hart, Media Services and Advanced Media Manager, 559-5759.

Mount Holyoke

If you need equipment, see the Borrowing Equipment page of the LITS site, where there is also a link to the Equipment Reservation Form.

View information on finding various kinds of multimedia. Request forms for the different media types on that page can also be found there.

The staff person you need will depend on whether you need films or equipment. The Media Resource staff suggested that you send an email to their staff email address, which all Media Resources staff receive. They can then decide who will be the best person to help you. You can also call Media Resources at 413-538-3163.


View information on getting films and videos.

Use the following Internet Technology Services online request form to reserve equipment.

For more info on media and media production, see the Center for Media Production.

Smith's Educational Technology Services(ETS) has a list of who to contact for different kinds of assistance. 


The main Media Reserves page has a lot of information in one place.

If you need films, videos or DVDs, the person to contact is Marcia Burkavage, 545-2458. She suggests that you call if you need something immediately and otherwise email.

If you need equipment, you need to go to AIMS (Academic Instructional Media Services).

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