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Course Packets

As with textbooks, the campuses have different ways of getting course packets. In almost all cases, you have the option of using an on-campus service or a local store. More and more faculty are using the option of e-reserves in addition to (or as a replacement for) traditional course packets. (See e-reserves in the library info section.)

At Amherst, you need to consult with the department coordinator in your department. Standard procedure is that the department coordinator will obtain the necessary copyrights (via this site) and then send it to be printed, usually at Campus Print and Mail Center or off-campus at a place like Collective Copies in downtown Amherst. Students then collect (and pay for) their course packets in the department office.

Hampshire has its own duplications center, located on the ground floor of Johnson Library. They can be reached at (413) 559-5512 or emailed here.

At Mount Holyoke, there are no more traditional course packets. You should submit whatever readings you want to the Digitization Center, either in pdf form or hard copies. They will then scan everything and put it onto your course website through Moodle. Your students can then read the material on the site or print it out if they'd like.

At Smith, Central Services will do coursepacks. You can also choose to use one of the local copy shops such as Paradise Copies (21 Conz Ave, Northampton; 413-585-0414).

At UMass, there are also several options. The primary on-campus place is the University Print Services, though it may also be the priciest. (They can be reached by phone at 413-577-9500.)

There is also a student print services business in the campus center.

A local shop such as Collective Copies is also an option.

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