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Deadlines for Course Proposals

I’m including here a rough guideline for when course information is due for the following year and when you should expect to hear from people on the campuses where you’ll be teaching. In most cases, you can get the specific details from the department coordinator, school secretary (Hampshire) or other administrative personnel (UMass) in your department/school. The actual dates will obviously change by year, but this should give you a sense of the process at each campus.


The Committee on Educational Policy and the Registrar solicit information about ongoing courses from departments at the beginning of December and new and revised courses in early February. By January, the Registrar begins assembling information about those courses that will be offered the next year (e.g. in Jan 2018 for the 2018-19 academic year).

Amherst does have a fairly thorough calendar of deadlines up at the Web site of the Registrar’s office. That calendar can be found here: Academic Deadlines.

New course proposals and courses with major revisions need to be submitted online for review in early February; please know that new courses need to pass through three levels of approval, so if you’re planning to teach a new course at Amherst, you need to have your proposal in on time so that it can be approved in time for pre-registration. (Revised descriptions of previously-taught courses only require one level of approval, but abide by the same deadline.) Questions about this process can be addressed to Nancy Ratner (nkratner AT in the Dean of the Faculty’s office.

The deadline for requesting course meeting times and classroom requests is in mid-February. However, the Registrar’s office has noted that these deadlines have some leeway built into them. Please check with them if you have any questions. Stacy Cooney (542-5068) is the person to contact with questions regarding course listings and registration, while Lillian Mosgofian (542-5066) deals with classroom requests.


The Hampshire Dean of Faculty Office requests all major course information by the end of January for both semesters of the following year. There is some flexibility in terms of timing; however, according to the Dean’s office,"course information submitted by the January deadline allows for more successful curricular planning and ensures the course information is listed for the pre-registration and advising periods in fall and spring."

In addition to their regular academic calendar, Hampshire also has a calendar called "Wicked Important Deadlines for Faculty," put together by the advising office and available from the Dean of Faculty’s office.

Mount Holyoke

At the end of January, the Registrar asks departments to submit catalog info for the following year. Catalog changes for fall courses are due back to the Registrar by mid-March; these include both new courses and revisions to existing courses. There is a brief window of time in the fall when additional changes for spring courses can be made.

Please note that these are the requests that the Registrar makes to the departments. Your department may have a different (earlier) deadline so that they can gather all of the information and send it to the Registrar.

In terms of classroom requests and course times, those requests are made in mid-February, for fall courses and in mid-September for spring courses.

If you have questions, please contact the department coordinator in the department where you teach or Elizabeth Pyle (epyle AT in the Registrar’s office.


At Smith, the Dean of Faculty’s office sends a request for course information for the following fall semester to the departments in December. This information is due back to the Dean's office in mid-February. Information about courses for the following spring is due in April. Please note that new courses need to be approved by the committee on academic priorities (CAP). The deadlines for new courses to be taught the following fall is November 15. So, if you are planning to teach a course in Fall 2019, you need to have submitted a course proposal form by Nov. 15, 2018. Similarly, for new courses to be taught in the spring the deadline is March 15.

A useful link is the following:

Curriculum and Catalog Information

The Smith Registrar’s office is in charge of classroom requests. Emails about classroom requests go out from the Registrar's office in November and April for the following semester. If you are teaching at Smith the following semester and don't get an email, please contact the Registrar's office. If you have an issue with the classroom you are assigned (in terms of size, space, equipment, etc.), you can contact the Registrar's office either before the semester begins or within the first few weeks of the semester. (You can email the general registrar address ( or phone 413-585-2550.)


At the University, the Scheduling Office (part of the Office of the Registrar) works with the scheduling representatives from each department to put together the list of courses that will be offered the following year. 

The important thing to know is that UMass works a full year ahead. Course proposals are due in to the scheduling office from the departments at the end of October for courses for the following fall and in March for the following spring. The proofs of the course lists and descriptions are sent back to the departments in December for the following fall and at the end of April for the following spring. Because the proposals are sent back to the departments for proofing, there is a little bit of leeway in terms of time, but be aware that if you’re teaching at UMass the next year, you need to arrange what course you’ll be teaching a bit earlier than at the colleges.

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