Discover Innovative Language Teaching

In March 2015, we received a $2 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that we are using to support innovations and experiments in collaborative approaches to language teaching and learning over five years. 

The goals of the grant are:

  • To encourage more students to study languages, particularly by making beginning study of those languages more accessible
  • To encourage more students to study languages at advanced levels, particularly by creating more paths for students to access study at advanced levels through parallel curricula and similar teaching and learning approaches at different campuses and through strategies that reduce barriers for students to take courses at other campuses, particularly those courses burdened by inter-campus transportation (such as those that meet frequently each week)
  • To enhance student learning of languages through the use of new resources and through pedagogies that support a wide range of learning styles and which create larger communities of language learners
  • To preserve collective capacity to offer a diverse array of languages at both elementary and advanced levels into the future within current resources by enhancing the way we deploy those resources to reach more students more effectively
  • To encourage more students in a wide range of majors to study languages at advanced levels, achieving greater understanding of current and historical cultural contexts and gaining language and cultural proficiency useful in a wide range of careers.

Please note that as of fall 2019 we are no longer accepting new applications for grant funding.