Arabic Grammar Video Tutorials

Screenshot from Arabic Grammar Video

Campus: Five Colleges 

Members: John Weinert (Lecturer, Smith), May George (Lecturer, Smith Five Colleges), Mohammed Hassan (Senior Lecturer, Amherst), Nahla Khalil (Lecturer, UMass)


This project represents the continuation of a video series designed to facilitate blended learning in Arabic language classrooms in the Five Colleges and elsewhere.  Year I, II and III grammar videos are filmed with support from the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages, with the goal of presenting and explaining important grammatical and lexical concepts in English for beginning learners of Arabic. The videos can be publicly viewed through YouTube: First Year, Second Year, Third Year. The target audience for these materials is current students of the Five College Arabic program, who number over 130 in an average semester. Of these, over 55 are typically in second-, third-, or fourth year classes; this population of post-Novice Arabic learners will be able to use the project’s video resources each year.