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Innovative Language Teaching

Looking for Collaborators?

If you are seeking collaborators for a project you are considering and would like help in that search, please submit the following information to:                                                                 Anca Holden (,                                                                    Ashley Perry (,                                                                        Sarah Pfaittecher (                                                        Amy Wordelman (

        1. Very Short Title:

        2. Proposer name(s) and contact information:

        3. Identify the language-learning problem I/we seek to address and/or solve                            (1-2 sentences):  

        4. Propose solution I/we seek to pilot and assess in 1-2 years (2-3 sentences):

        5. Seeking partners (describe who might partner) 1-2 sentences:

        6. Languages: any, OR specify

        7. Disciplines: any, OR specify

If you wish to submit this information in a Word document, please use the form posted at the bottom of this page.