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Innovative Language Teaching

Innovative Language Teaching Grant Projects - Online Application

Five College Innovative Language Teaching Grant Projects

- for Spring 2017, Summer 2017 and 2017-18 -

Proposals are welcome for projects to support collaborative (multi-campus) projects in spring 2018, summer 2018 and academic year 2017-18. See stated goals of the grant. Projects supported from the Innovative Language Teaching grant are divided into three main categories.

1) Short-term projects: These may be cultural events, local cultural trips, workshops and other one-time events.
Deadlines and turn around: Proposals are accepted at any time, but decisions may take four to six weeks.

2) Long-term projects: Courses (new courses, re-designed courses or materials, bridge courses, first-year seminars, etc.), extended trips and other ongoing endeavors.
Deadlines and turn around: For projects starting during the summer, the deadline is January 31st; for projects starting during the fall, the deadline is May 1st and for projects starting during the spring, the deadline is October 1st.

3) Shared faculty positions: Funding is available for multi-year full-time shared faculty positions that support closer coordination and integration of programs and course offerings on at least two campuses. In order to apply for this type of funding, please contact Sarah Pfatteicher, Executive Director of Five Colleges, Inc.

Each category has its own deadlines, eligibility criteria and restrictions. Please apply under the category that fits best your project.

Pre-proposal consultations and inquiries are encouraged; please contact Anca Holden.

Apply for a long-term project.

Apply for a short-term project.