Five College Consortium

Innovative Language Teaching

"Your Bright Future with Foreign Language Competencies"

The symposium took place April 15 from 2:30-6:15pm in Mount Holyoke College’s Gamble Auditorium and featured fourteen students from all five colleges and almost ten different language departments. It was a chance for these students to discuss publicly their experiences learning foreign languages, both in the U.S. and around the world, with one of the hopes being that we can inspire other students to continue their own language study to advanced levels.

You can access the videos from each campus:

1) Amherst College - Jacob Greenwald (Arabic).

2) Hampshire College - Cassidy Rappaport (Burmese).

3) Mount Holyoke College - Rachel Murgo (Russian), Sara Redeghieri (Spanish).

4) Smith College - Emma Martin (French), Isabella Galdone (French), Sydney Ramirez (multiple languages).

5) UMass Amherst [current and alumni] - Brendon Mackeen (Spanish), Joshua Castillo (Swahili), Katy Reinhardt (Italian), Melanie Fisher (Portuguese) Michael Avanzato (Arabic), Miriam Tinberg (Arabic), Tenzin Thargay (Chinese Mandarin).