Certificate Application Form for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies

To earn a FCLACLS Certificate, students must complete successfully a minimum of eight one-semester courses selected from five different areas; fulfill a specified language requirement; and achieve at least a grade of “B” in the minimum number of courses taken toward the certificate. Courses may be taken at any of the campuses but must be approved in advance by the student's home-campus advisor for the program. Completed applications for the certificate must be signed by the home campus advisor, who will bring the application to the Five College LACLS Council meeting in April.

Eight full courses or educational activities (each 3–4 credits or equivalent) must be completed within the following areas:

  1. A broadly based introductory course on the social and political history of Latin America or U.S. Latinos
  2. One course in the social sciences that focuses substantially on Latin America or U.S. Latinos (including courses in anthropology, economics, geography, political science, etc.)
  3. One course in the humanities that focuses substantially on Latin America or U.S. Latinos (including courses in art, art history, dance, folklore, literature, music, philosophy, religion or theater, etc. )
  4. Four other courses that should be more advanced and more specific in focus
  5. One upper-level seminar in Latin America and/or U.S. Latinos
  6. Those students who begin their studies during or after fall 2013 will be required to have, within all of their courses, at least one course in Latino Studies and at least one course in Latin American or Caribbean Studies
  7. At least one course must be taken at one of the institutions in the Five College consortium other than the student's home campus.

Language Requirement
Proficiency through second-year college level in an official (other than English) or indigenous language of Latin America.

Minimum Standard
To receive the certificate, the student must receive a grade of “B” or better in every course that qualifies for the minimum certificate requirement.

Study Abroad
The Council will accept relevant study abroad courses, as long as they are accepted for credit or equivalent by a student’s home institution. If no grade is reported on the transcript, the Council will waive the “B” grade requirement for courses taken abroad.

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