Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies

Many courses in addition to those listed below may be eligible for fulfilling the requirements of the Five College Latin American, Caribbean & Latino Studies Certificate. Students are encouraged to consult an LACLS Program campus advisor to identify courses that are appropriate for their interests.

Spring 2015 Latin American, Caribbean and Latin@ Studies Courses

Subj Abbr Course # Sect #sort descending Course Title Instructor(s) Meeting Times Institution
COMP-LIT 691TC 01 S-Translation and The City Regina Galasso W 1:25PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
WOMENSST 695A 01 S-Transnational Feminisms Laura Briggs TH 2:30PM 5:00PM UMass Amherst
ANTHRO 497LQ 01 ST-Languages & Latinas Jonathan Rosa M W 2:30PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
AFROAM 297F 01 ST-BlackWomen/Americas&Carrib Karla Zelaya TU TH 11:30AM 12:45PM UMass Amherst
COMP-LIT 121 01 International Short Story Christopher Schafenacker M W F 10:10AM 11:00AM UMass Amherst
AFROAM 591B 01 S-Black Radical Thought John Bracey W 7:00PM 9:30PM UMass Amherst
COMP-LIT 397F 01 ST-Caribbean Lit:Roots/Routes Corine Tachtiris M W 4:00PM 5:15PM UMass Amherst
SPANISH 497MP 01 ST- Mujeres del Caribe Margara Russotto M 2:30PM 5:15PM UMass Amherst
LATAM 180 01 Intro to Latin American Cultrs Dorothy Mosby TTH 02:40PM-03:55PM Mount Holyoke College
LATAM 288 01 Modern Mexico Lowell Gudmundson MW 02:40PM-03:55PM Mount Holyoke College
THEATER 130 01 Cntm Playwr Of Color Priscilla Page TU TH 10:00AM 11:15AM UMass Amherst
LATAM 388 01 Postmodernism & Latin America Lowell Gudmundson W 07:00PM-09:50PM Mount Holyoke College
HISTORY 120 01 Latin America: Colonial Period Heidi Scott TU TH 2:30PM 3:20PM UMass Amherst
LATST 201 01 Structural Inequalities David Hernandez TTH 10:00AM-11:15AM Mount Holyoke College
LATST 365 01 A History of Deportation David Hernandez T 01:15PM-04:05PM Mount Holyoke College
AMST 305 01 Gender, Migration, Power Leah Schmalzbauer TTH 10:00AM-11:20AM Amherst College
BLST 461 01 The Creole Imagination C. Rhonda Cobham-Sander, John Drabinski MW 12:30PM-01:50PM Amherst College
COLQ 230 01 Cultural Agency Lucia Suarez W 02:00PM-04:30PM Amherst College
HISTORY 359 01 Modern Brazil Andrew Dausch M W 2:30PM 3:45PM UMass Amherst
COLQ 333 01 Lat Amer Pol Econ Javier Corrales T 07:00PM-09:30PM Amherst College


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