Working Groups

At the kick-off meeting we explored a variety of topics that might serve as the basis for organizing working groups, such as:

  • de-centralized print management (lower number of locally held, accessible items with assured retention);
  • central facility (or facilities) for holding a shared collection;
  • collection analysis srategy to identify among our holdings what is rarely held or last copy;
  • central/shared facility (or facilities) to hold separate privately owned print collections;
  • shared collections of journals or serials;
  • shared monograph collection; and
  • federate current depositories to further de-duplicate with shared access.

In a conference call on June 19, the Project Steering Committee discussed these ideas and the issues for each of these topics identified at the kick-off meeting and in the post-meeting feedback we have received thus far.  We noted that these issues are interlocked, and some are more operational (governance, business models, access) which apply to every possible model or project, while others are conceptual.  We know that this means that the working groups will have to share their work frequently with each other and with everyone interested in the project. We decided to launch fewer groups -- these three:

The charge for each of these groups is included on the web page linked to each group together with the current membership.

Enter below your information and interests if you wish to closely monitor the work of one or more of the working groups and to be sent updates about their work.  Thanks!


Everyone will be kept informed about the progress of discussions and the development of models, but we request information about your particular interest in attending meetings and participating in conference calls of a working group addressing one or more of these issues.