Five College Coastal and Marine Sciences Program


The program office is located at Smith College in 110A Bass Hall (next to the science library). Students interested in learning more about the Five College Coastal and Marine Sciences Certificate or internship program should schedule a meeting with Program Coordinator Cindy Bright, available by appointment on your home campus.

Students affiliated with the program receive information on campus lectures, films and events as well as information on internships and research opportunities in the field.

If you would like to sign up to receive email updates or have any questions about the program, email us at or call us at (413) 585-3799.

Steering Committee and Faculty Advisors

The FCCMS Program is guided by a steering committee with members from each of the five campuses. Steering committee members also serve as faculty advisors to certificate students.

Amherst College
Anna Martini, Associate Professor of Geology (on leave Spring 2015)
Ethan Clotfelter, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Hampshire College
Steve Roof, Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Science

Mount Holyoke College
Renae Brodie, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Director, Five College Coastal and Marine Sciences Program
Al Werner, Professor of Geology (on leave Spring 2015)

Smith College
Paulette Peckol, Louise C. Harrington Professor of Biological Sciences
Bosiljka Glumac, Professor of Geosciences (on leave Spring 2015)

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Steve Petsch, Associate Professor of Geosciences
Andy Danylchuk, Assistant Professor of Fish Conservation
Cristina Cox Fernandes, Lecturer/Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Adrian Jordaan, Assistant Professor of Fish Population Ecology and Conservation
Jonathan Woodruff, Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Five Colleges, Incorporated (Steering Committee only)
Nate Therien, Director of Academic Programs
Cindy Bright, Program Coordinator