Five College Consortium

Five College Middle Eastern Studies Program


Amherst College

Mohamed Hassan

Tariq Jaffer teaches in the religion department. His work focuses on the theological discourse that developed in Muslim institutions of learning (madrasas) in the pre-modern period. He is currently investigating the Arabic theological works of the Muslim authors who flourished in Iran and Central Asia in the 12th through 16th centuries.

Monica Ringer teaches in the departments of history and Asian languages and civilizations. Her specialty is modern Middle Eastern history, particularly of Iran and the Ottoman Empire.

Hampshire College

Aaron Berman is a historian of Jewish and Arab nationalisms, as well as 20th-century United States political and intellectual history.

Hiba Bou Akar is a professor of Middle Eastern studies specializing in urban studies and planning, critical social theory and geographies of war and conflict.

Omar Dahi is an economist specializing in the areas of economic development and international trade, with a focus on South-South economic cooperation, and on the political economy of the Middle East and North Africa.

Salman Hameed is an astronomer and historian of science. He is interested in using perceptions about biological evolution to explore how educated Muslims view the relationship between science and religion.

Mount Holyoke College

Heba Arafah

Sohail Hashmi teaches in the international relations program. His teaching and research focus is religion and politics, particularly the role of Islam in domestic and international politics, and international ethics, especially ideas of just war in Western and Islamic civilizations.

Amina Steinfels teaches in the religion department. Her courses deal with Islamic theology and history, women and gender in Islam and her specialty, Sufism in South Asia.

Smith College

Olla Al-Shalchi

Joshua Birk

Ibtissam Bouachrine

Justin Cammy

Donna Robinson Divine

Steven Heydemann

Suleiman Mourad

Nadya Sbaiti

John Weinert

Gregory White

University of Massachusetts

Anne Broadbridge

Walter Denny

Tayeb El-Hibri

Olga Gershenson

Nahla Khalil

David Mednicoff

Mary Wilson