Minigrants Guidelines

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Funding Guidelines, 2018-19

Requests for Proposals
Five College Multicultural Theater Committee Mini-Grants
(Rolling Deadlines through April 1, 2019)

Applications for Mini-Grants (preferably in electronic form) must include:

• The name of the contact person – mailing address, phone number, email address.

• A brief (one page or less) project description: dates/times/admission price for the 
event, if any, and, in the case of productions, dates and locations of auditions; 
intended audience; and publicity strategies. The description should also include a 
paragraph outlining the structure of the piece and the contemporary relevance of the 
project to the theme of multiculturalism and/or the multicultural community.

• A project budget – expenses with breakdown by item.

• A list of proposed and committed funding sources.

• The amount requested from the committee. These are matching funds; the average award is $ 350.

Applications and questions about application procedure should be directed to the campus representative on the committee (see first page).

If a project is funded, requests for payment should be sent to: Sue Dickman, Five Colleges, Inc., 97 Spring Street, Amherst, MA, 01002.

The Five College Multicultural Theater Committee asks that all grant recipients acknowledge support from the Five College Multicultural Theater Committee in programs and publicity (e.g., Funded in part by the Five College Multicultural Theater Committee) and provide an itemized financial report of actual income and expenses.

Requests may be submitted any time up to the deadline of April 1, 2019 and will be considered as long as funds are available. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, but should be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the event or production.