Five College Consortium

Minigrant Winners 2002-03 to 2008-09

Five College Multicultural Theater

Minigrant Recipients

Ashley Young, Division III project, Hampshire College, Performing Educational Silence: A Series of Creative Writing and Theater Workshops on Students’ Experiences with Education
Nicole de Roux, Division III project, Hampshire College, No One’s Free Till We’re All Free
Tanya Fernando, University of Massachusetts, Staged reading of the play, Dance, Salome, Dance!
Terell Richardson, Division III project, Hampshire College, The Last Stop Between Us
Support toward residency of sculptor and theatrical puppet designer, Garland Farwell 
Support toward visit of playwright/director, Wang Yangsong
Women of Color Leadership Network, University of Massachusetts, support of the production ofBody Politics

Rachel Borg, senior thesis project, Mount Holyoke College, Live Nude Puppets
Support toward Hampshire College’s production of HAIR
Support toward fall, 2008 residency of Laurie (Carlos) Smith
Visit of Cherrie Morago, support for open rehearsal of her play, The Hungry Woman, and toward her presentation of the working process

Tashal Brown, Black History Month, Hampshire College: Masks of Skins and Souls
Tanya Karakashian, Division III Project, Hampshire College: Permission Perform
Aida Mbowa, Mount Holyoke College, support for SuDance Project
Women of Color Leadership Network, University of Massachusetts: Production of Body Politics

Ranjana Devi, Asian Arts & Culture Program, University of Massachusetts, support for two projects in the series New Voices: New Expressions
Aida Mbowa, Mount Holyoke College, support the The Colored Museum Project
Maryanne Olson, MFA Dramaturgy Candidate, Theater, University of Massachusetts, support of project, Female Playwrights of Color of the 1920s
Support for Lisa Bigg Project, Mount Holyoke College
Women of Color Leadership Network, University of Massachusetts, support of the production ofBody Politics

Stonewall Center, University of Massachusetts: Performance of James Baldwin: Down from the Mountain Top
Support for Oni Faida Lampley Visit and Panel Discussion, University of Massachusetts

Lucinda Kidder, Asian Arts & Culture, University of Massachusetts: Performance of Chocolate in Heat: Growing Up Arab in America, and workshop offered by Palestinian-American playwright, Betty Shamieh, as part of Festival of Middle Eastern Arts and Reconciliation
Minelly Mercato, Mount Holyoke College: Mi Voz: North End Youth Center Project
Support for Ching Valdes-Aran's classroom visit (Amherst College) and public talk

Split Britches: People's Palace Prison Project, Hampshire College
The Lady Cavaliers, stage combat workshop, Mount Holyoke College
Louai Abu-Osba, Division III Project, Hampshire College

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