Classroom Instruction

Students wishing to enroll in a music class on another campus should consult with the instructor and then register at their home campus. Students seeking academic resources beyond their campus may also take advantage of the libraries on each campus; the libraries together contain extensive research resources that allow for advanced study, including a substantial collection of foreign language sources in the Werner Josten Library of Smith College.

Faculty Instruction

Jenny Kallick, Tonal and Non-tonal Analysis, AC (Emerita)
Klará Móricz, Fundamentals, Nineteenth Century Analysis, Twentieth Century Criticism, AC
Eric Sawyer, Eighteenth-, Nineteenth-, and Twentieth-Century Analysis, AC
David E. Schneider, Twentieth Century, Tonal Analysis, AC
Rebecca Miller, Fundamentals, Tonal Theory, HC
Daniel Warner, Twentieth Century, Non-tonal and Tonal Analysis, Counterpoint, HC
David Sanford, Twentieth Century, Tonal and Non-tonal Analysis, MHC
Larry Schipull, Fundamentals, Pedagogy, Tonal Theory, MHC
Gary Steigerwalt, Fundamentals, MHC (Emeritus)
Raphael Atlas, Theory and Gender Studies, SC (Emeritus)
Brent Auerbach, Theory, UM
Gary Karpinski, Twentieth Century, Cognition, Pedagogy, UM

Jenny Kallick, Nineteenth-/Twentieth-Century Opera, Manuscript Studies, Beethoven Studies, AC (Emerita)
Klará Móricz, Jewish Music, Eastern European Music, AC
David E. Schneider, Eastern European Music, Eighteenth-Twentieth Centuries, AC
Rebecca Miller, American Popular Music, HC
Daniel Warner, Popular Music and Culture, Music and Musical Discourse since 1960, HC
Louise Litterick, Renaissance Studies, Nineteenth Century, MHC (Emerita)
Peter Bloom, Berlioz Studies, SC (Emeritus)
Steve Waksman, American Popular Music, SC
Erinn Knyt, Musicology, 20th Century Music, Busoni, UM

Jason Robinson, AC
Eric Sawyer, AC
Daniel Warner, HC
David Sanford, MHC
Jeffrey Holmes, UM
Salvatore Macchia, UM

Eric Sawyer, AC
Daniel Warner, HC
Robert Eisenstein, MHC (Emeritus)

Bruce Diehl, AC
Jason Robinson, AC
Mark Gionfriddo, MHC
David Sanford, MHC
Robert Ferrier, UM
Thomas Giampietro, UM
Willie Hill, UM (Emeritus)
Jeffrey Holmes, UM
Catherine Jensen-Hole, UM
Salvatore Macchia, UM
Felipe Salles, UM

Jeffers Englehardt, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, Music and Religion, AC
Junko Oba, traditional and contemporary Japanese popular musics; East Asia; Asian diasporas, HC
Rebecca Miller, Music of the Caribbean, Music of Immigrant America, Traditional and Popular American Music, Irish Music, Klezmer, HC
Olabode Omojola, West African Music, MHC
Margaret Sarkissian, Ethnomusicology: Southeast Asia, East Asia, SC

Willie Hill, UM (Emeritus)
Lisa Lehmberg, Music Education Coordinator, UM
Stephen Paparo, Music Education, Choral Music, UM