Five College Native American Indian Studies

Previous Courses

For over a decade, the Five College NAIS Certificate Program has featured a wide variety of courses. Many of the courses listed below have not been offered in several years. Please consult the Five College Course Schedule and NAIS Course List to see what is currently available.

Amherst College

  • ENG 60 Native American Expressive Traditions 
  • HIST 31 Native American Histories

Hampshire College

  • HA 238 Paired Landscapes: Place as Experienced by North American Indians and Whites 
  • NS 135 Health in America to 1492 
  • NS 235 American Indian Health 1492-1992 
  • NS 300 Indigenous Women's Health 
  • SS 178 Indigenous Peoples and Europeans: A Legal Perspective 
  • SS 237 Indigenous Politics in Latin America

Mount Holyoke College

  • ANTH 202s Latin American Society and Culture 
  • GEO 317s Perspectives on American Environmental History 
  • LATIN AM 376f Foundations of the Colonial Enterprise in the Americas

Smith College

  • AM STD 221 American Indians, American Identities 
  • ANTH 237a Native South Americans 
  • ANTH 240a Anthropology of Museums 
  • ART HIST 201a American Indian Art and Architecture 
  • ART HIST 204a Arts of the Pre-Columbian Andes 
  • ART HIST 205b Arts of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica 
  • HIST 245 Empire in the North: Native Peoples in Siberia and Alaska
  • HIST 268 North American Indians since 1500 
  • HIST 270 Cross-cultural Captivity in North America 1500-1860
  • HIST 372 Probs. In Amer. Hist.: Cross-Cultural Captivity in No. Amer. 1500-1860 
  • SOC 213 Ethnic Minorities in America

UMass Amherst

  • ANTH 270 North American Indians 
  • ANTH 337 Mesoamerican Archaeology 
  • ANTH 369 North American Archaeology 
  • ANTH 370 Contemporary Issues of North American Indians: Focus on the Northeast
  • ANTH 375 South American Archaeology 
  • ANTH 376 South American Ethnology 
  • ANTH 397 Andean Archaeology 
  • ANTH397 Anthropology of Education
  • ANTH 497B Native American Languages
  • ANTH 697 with ANTH 370Contemp Issues of North American Indians
  • BIO 197b Ethnobotany of Northeastern American Indians 
  • COMM 497 Native American Communication 
  • EDUC 377 Intro to Multicultural Education 
  • ENG 116 Native American Literature 
  • ENG497 Topics in Native American Literature 
  • GEO 497 Indigenous Peoples and Conservation 
  • GEO 692B New Paradigm Conservation: Linking Conservation, Rights & Social Justice
  • HIST 170 Indigenous Peoples of North America 
  • HIST 397 Topics in Native American History 
  • HIST 398N Native American Activism in New England 
  • HIST 572 Native Peoples of the Northeast
  • HIST 693P Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations 
  • HIST 697A Theory and Method in Native American History 
  • HONORS 392X Visions and Revisions
  • HONORS 499D Capstone Course (Brown-Perez, section 08)
  • Legal Studies 460 The Legalization of American Indians 
  • Legal Studies 470 Indigenous Peoples, Global Issues 
  • STPEC 349d They Taught You Wrong