Regularly Offered Courses

To help students plan for how they will complete the certificate requirements, below you will find a list of regularly offered Native American and Indigenous Studies courses, including foundation courses and other courses in:

Consult with your advisor to see if other courses may count, and to learn more about how to plan a course of study that fits your interests and takes advantage of the breadth and depth of offerings across the five campuses.

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses in which students are given an opportunity to hear Native perspectives are crucial to the intellectual foundation of the program. Such courses are taught from a philosophical perspective that reflects Native Studies theories, pedagogies and methodologies. They foster: 1) respect for Native intellectual perspectives during the course of their ongoing histories; 2) a grounding in perspectives on life derived from the diversity of philosophies found in contemporary Native communities; and 3) an understanding of colonialism and its impacts on the contested sovereignties and associated struggles of Native communities.

InstitutionInstructor(s)Course TitleSubj / Course #
AmherstLisa BrooksNative American Literature: Decolonizing Intellectual TraditionsENGL 274 / AMST 274
AmherstKiara M. VigilRethinking Pocahontas: An Introduction to Native American StudiesAMST 240
HampshireAshley SmithIntroduction to Native StudiesCSI 163
UMassSonya Atalay / Rae GouldIntroduction to Native StudiesANTHRO 220
UMassSonya Atalay / Rae GouldContemporary Issues of North American Indians: Focus on the NortheastANTHRO 370 / ANTHRO 670

American Studies 



Course Title

Subj / Course #


Lisa Brooks

Global Valley

AMST 111


Kiara M. Vigil

Rethinking Pocahontas: An Introduction to Native American Studies (Foundation Course)

AMST 240


Lisa Brooks

When Corn Mother Meets King Corn: Cultural Studies of the Americas

AMST 280 / ENGL 273


Kiara M. Vigil

Red/Black Literature: At the Crossroads of Native American and African American Literary Histories

AMST 320


Kiara M. Vigil

Natives in Transit: Indian Entertainment, Urban Life, and Activism, 1930-1970

COLQ 246


Kiara M. Vigil

History of the Native Book

FYSE 129


Christen Mucher

Trade and Theft: Colonialism in North America

AMS 226


Christen Mucher

Native New England

AMS 229


Christen Mucher

Native Literacies

AMS 253


Christen Mucher

Empire and American Studies

AMS 340


InstitutionInstructor(s)Course TitleSubj / Course #


Ashley Smith / Jennifer HamiltonIndigenous Lands and Sovereignties in the U.S.


Sonya Atalay / Rae GouldIntroduction to Native Studies (Foundation Course)ANTHRO 220
UMassJean S. ForwardNorth American IndiansANTHRO 270
UMassSonya Atalay / Rae GouldContemporary Issues of North American Indians: Focus on the Northeast (Foundation Course)ANTHRO 370 / ANTHRO 670
UMassJean S. ForwardIndigenous Spring BreakANTHRO 397
UMassSonya AtalayIndigenous ArchaeologyANTHRO 597
UMassSonya AtalayIndigenous Method and TheoryANTHRO 697
UMassJean S. ForwardNative American Nations of the NortheastFFYS 197


InstitutionInstructor(s)Course TitleSubj / Course #
AmherstLisa BrooksNative American Literature: Decolonizing Intellectual Traditions (Foundation Course)ENGL 274 / AMST 274 
AmherstLisa BrooksAmerican OriginsENGL 350 / AMST 350 
AmherstLisa BrooksIndigenous American EpicsENGL 458 / AMST 358 
AmherstLisa BrooksThe Spiral of Time in Native American NovelsENGL 459
UMassLaura M. FurlanIntroduction to Native American LiteratureENGLISH 116
UMassRon WelburnNative American LiteraturesENGLISH 116
UMassLaura M. FurlanAutobiography Studies (Native Autobiography)ENGLISH 341
UMassLaura M. FurlanAmerican Indian LiteratureENGLISH 373
UMassRon WelburnAmerican Indian LiteratureENGLISH 373

Environmental Studies

InstitutionInstructor(s)Course TitleSubj / Course #
HampshireAshley SmithIndians and Environmentalism in the U.S.CSI 129
HampshireAshley SmithIndigenous Environmental ActivismCSI 240
Mount HolyokeLauret SavoyPerspectives on American Environmental HistoryENVST 317
UMassStan StevensIndigenous Peoples and ConservationGEOGRAPH 450
UMassPaul K. BartenForests & PeopleNRC 225 (with NRC 396 enrichment)
UMassPaul K. BartenCree Culture, Environmental Studies, and SustainabilityNRC 579


InstitutionInstructor(s)Course TitleSubj / Course #
AmherstEdward MelilloHistory of the Pacific World, 1898-PresentHIST 410
Mount HolyokeHolly HansonHistory of Global Inequality HIST 216 
Mount HolyokeHolly HansonRural Prosperity in the African PastHIST 242
Mount HolyokeHolly HansonAfrican Women's Work HIST 291 
Mount HolyokeHolly HansonPower and Exchange in the African PastHIST 341
UMassSamuel J. RedmanUS History since 1876HISTORY 151
UMassAlice NashIndigenous Peoples of North AmericaHISTORY 170
UMassAlice NashNative American Activism in the NortheastHISTORY 393A
UMassAlice NashIndigenous WomenHISTORY 393I
UMassAlice NashIndigenous Peoples in Museums and ArchivesHISTORY 491G
UMassAlice NashIndigenous Peoples and the U.N.HISTORY 493P / 693P 
UMassAlice NashRethinking 1620

Languages and Linguistics

InstitutionInstructor(s)Course TitleSubj / Course #
UMassDonal CarbaughCultures in ConversationCOMM 492G

Legal Studies

InstitutionInstructor(s)Course TitleSubj / Course #
HampshireJennifer HamiltonLandscapes of Indigeneity: Indigenous Peoples and Law in North America
UMassKathleen Brown-PerezCriminal LawHONORS 322H


InstitutionInstructor(s)Course TitleSubj / Course #
HampshireAshley SmithIntroduction to Native American Studies (Foundation Course)CSI 163