Affiliated Faculty


Lisa Brooks (advisor)
Specialties: literature, history, New England
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Edward Melillo 
Specialties: history, traditional ecological knowledge, Pacific world
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Manuela Picq
Specialties: world politics, Latin America, extractivism, gender and sexualities
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Kiara M. Vigil  (advisor)
Specialties: cultural history, 19th and 20th centuries, cultural representations of and by Native people in the U.S.
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Ashley Smith (advisor)
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Jennifer Hamilton
Specialties: anthropology and legal studies; law, medicine, science, and technology; Native North America
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Pamela Stone
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Lauret Savoy (advisor
Specialties: environmental history, narratives of race and place, North America
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Christen Mucher (advisor)
Specialties: history, material culture, Ohio Valley
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Kathleen Brown-Perez (advisor)
Specialties: federal Indian law, criminal jurisdiction in Indian Country, tribal sovereignty, federal acknowledgement of tribes, identity

Alice Nash (advisor)
Specialties: history, New England, teaching

Sonya Atalay
Specialties: community-based participatory research methods, repatriation and protection of cultural heritage
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Paul Barten
Specialties: northern forests, environmental history, traditional ecological knowledge
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Seth Cable
Specialties: linguistics, language documentation, Alaska
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Donal Carbaugh
Specialties: communication of Indigenous culture/ecology, Blackfeet/Pikuni (Montana)
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Chris Couch
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Jean Forward
Specialties: education, applied anthropology/activism

Laura Furlan
Specialties: Indigenous literatures of the U.S., place/space in literature, autobiography/creative nonfiction
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Samuel Redman
Specialties: history, history of museums, U.S.
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Peggy Speas
Specialties: Indigenous languages of North America, language revitalization, Navajo

Stan Stevens
Specialties: political ecology of conservation, rights-based conservation, traditional ecological knowledge and socioeconomic systems
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Ron Welburn
Specialties: literature, ethnohistory (eastern North America), Native jazz
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Lisa Wexler
Specialties: community education, wellness, suicide prevention, community-based participatory research with Indigenous communities and tribally run health organizations
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