Curricular Projects

Scholars will develop lesson plans or units on topics of their choice that they will present by the final day of the Institute. Recognizing that many of the Scholars will be master teachers in their own right, we will encourage them to meet in grade-level groups during the first week to discuss opportunities and obstacles for incorporating Native American history and culture into their current curricula. By the end of the first week, the director and core faculty members will assign the Summer Scholars to teams based on our observations of their interests, strengths, and other factors. The members of these teams will be encouraged to work together for mutual support in developing their curricular projects. 

Scholars may also choose to submit their projects for publication on our website and we encourage all Scholars to do so. Kelley Brown, our Curricular Projects Coordinator, will provide a cover sheet and recommended template to ensure that the final projects, when published to our website, are consistent with each other. She will meet individually with each Scholar to discuss the project and provide feedback on rough drafts, which will be submitted during the second week. Nash and Brown will be available for consultation during the day, during posted “office hours,” and by appointment. Scholars will present their projects to the group during the third week and submit final versions by August 14.