Confronting Stereotypes of Native Americans

Subject area focus: 
Social Studies/History
Grade level: 
Days to complete: 
Institute year: 
School name: 
Yeshiva University High School
School district: 
Private School
New York

This series of lessons is part of a unit on racial and ethnic stereotypes that will include stereotyping of Native Americans, African Americans and Muslims. The students will learn to identify stereotypical attitudes toward Native Americans and why they have occurred and persisted over time. They will identify stereotypes in the media and learn why it has a negative impact on Native Americans and on U.S. society as a whole. They will learn that stereotypes are often unconscious and discuss strategies to reduce them. They will also learn that Native Americans are still here and can be found all over the U.S., both inside and outside of reservations and students will conduct research on current  issues that are of concern in contemporary Native American communities across the country.