Native Language Reclamation - Reading Intervention Lessons

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English Language Arts
Social Studies/History
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Arthur T. Cummings
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This collection of lessons centers around the topics of language, education, and cultural identity.  I have put them together with my 7th grade Reading Intervention group in mind, but the texts could be utilized in any Humanities course looking at these topics and/or contemporary Native American culture.  Incorporating reading fluency and comprehension strategies throughout, students will discuss a pre- and post- survey related to the topic, read an extended periodical article about Wampanoag language reclamation efforts, watch the documentary We Still Live Here on the same topic, read or listen to an NPR piece about the legacy of Native American boarding schools,  read a newspaper article about a recent Mashpee High School graduate, and they will have the opportunity to send an audio ePostcard to someone in a native language and explore the Our Mother Tongues website.